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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Skin and Hair Care for Men

Most men I know have a very simple skin and hair care routine- my husband included.  He has agreed to share just a couple tried and true products that have worked really well for him.  Enjoy!

Hello!  I'm Mike and I have simple needs, but I guess I'll share them with ya'll since my wife is making me.  My hair is short and very curly and my skin is really dry.  I also hate spending money on products because I feel it's a waste unless it's really effective.

My showering routine includes using an anti-dandruff shampoo for my dry scalp.  Head and Shoulders Shampoo usually does the trick.  Sometimes when Justina is feeling flaky she uses it too, so for that reason we get the conditioner as well.  For soap, I like Dove bar soap for men.  It's a little green bar and it's got little exfoliating beads in it, and it smells like a dude.  My wife bought me the liquid shower gel version and I couldn't stand it.  The soap bar really does the trick.

I use my exfoliator in the shower on my face.  It's the one for men that Clinique sells.  I've tried many, and this one is the best.  I used to use the exfoliator that Justina bought for women from Clinique, and that was ok.  But one day she brought me home my own version for men, because she heard that men's skin is 4 times thicker than womens' skin, so us guys really do need our own.  It grinds away all my dead skin.  Even though I'm sure it's expensive since it's from the department store, this is a definite repurchase.

The shaving cream I use is by Barbosol- it's the cheapest and it works just as well as the super expensive angel tears that you can put on your face.  My favorite razor is the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo.  I've tried them all and this is my favorite because it works and it's middle of the road as far as expense.  More blades does not equal better- 3 seems to do it.  4 and 5 bladed ones are unnecessary and expensive.  Even the Mach 3 Turbo has a little aloe vera strip, which is dumb, because it wears off after the first use. That's what your shaving cream is there for.

I use the Clinique aftershave for men.  I really like that stuff.  I also really like witch hazel because it really works.  It was shown to me the first time by a black man in the army that gave haircuts.  It helped black people with their shaving bumps and it helps me with mine because it helps with my curly facial hair too.  He mixed it with something, that I can't recall, but if I remember, I'll report back.  Witch hazel's the part that actually makes the difference.

The face lotion I like is the Clinique Dramatically Different Gel.  It comes in a pump bottle, and it feels good without being oily.  I really dislike their lotion.  It doesn't smell which is a big plus.

For my skin, I like to use two products.  One, is this stuff by some brand called Angel that Justina bought from the tanning salon.  It has skin firmers or something and makes your skin really smooth. Another really good one is Cetaphil lotion that you can buy at Walgreens.  I put it all over my arms because that's all that needs it.

I hope this was informative.  Hopefully I've helped you shop for the picky guy in your life!


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