InTruBeauty: Seven Savvy Saturday $$ Saving Tips

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Seven Savvy Saturday $$ Saving Tips

  1. Mix facial lotion with your foundation to make tinted moisturizer.  It will make your foundation last way longer!
  2. Write to some companies and request some free samples before you drop major money on stuff you may not like.  Some companies we know give samples- M.A.D. skincare, Boo Boo Cover up.
  3. Have a specific beauty need?  Don't cruise around Walmart looking for new products- internet to the rescue!  Type it into your google search engine, and on the left side bar, click "blog"- this is how I find new blogs and some of the answers to my makeup needs!  
  4. Find a favorite palette but can't afford it?  Check out Ebay.  Just be careful that you are purchasing something authentic and new that someone's grubby fingers haven't been in.  
  5. Can't afford a deep conditioning treatment?  Take your regular conditioner and douse your hair in it, then make yourself a saran wrap turban.  Read a magazine or a book and relax for an hour and rinse out.  
  6. Need to buy a present for someone?  Gift them a Birchbox or a MyGlam bag.  It costs you $10 including shipping, and the price of the products far exceed the price you paid.  You'll be crowned queen of gift giving- we promise.
  7. Watch some of Indie Lee's videos on YouTube- she has some great DIY products for making your own lotion and bugspray, etc.  


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