InTruBeauty: Pacific Northwest Vacation!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pacific Northwest Vacation!

Hey all,

I will be traveling across the country next week, and I'm super pumped.  It's a business trip, but hopefully there is a little downtime for some fun.  There will definitely be time for some great pictures.  I promise to take pictures of fashion and nature and any other cool finds that I see.

I will also be doing a traveling and packing series on how to make the most of your space they give you.  Don't they give you like 50 lbs and no liquids in the carry on?  Yikes, I better get to my research! But regardless, I'll figure it all out and show you all my travel tips and tricks.

I don't travel very often at all, especially by plane, so if any of you have tips on how to avoid:  being nervous to fly, any weird flight rules or things you can't bring on the plane, or things I SHOULD bring, let me know.  I always get off the plane dehydrated and feeling horrible so I would love any tips on that.

Thank you so much in advance for your advice!

Yours in Beauty,


  1. You can bring liquids on your carry-on but they have to under 3oz each and all fit into a large zip-loc bag. So mini/travel size liquids are fine! Just be prepared to have everything in the baggy out of your luggage when you go through security.

  2. Thats exciting! Happy travels.

  3. How much does my carry on have to weigh? Can I bring a purse and a carry on? And how much does my suitcase have to weigh?

  4. Omg check with the airline not your beauty blog!


  5. LOL Jessica! Duh! I just always end up missing something important. I'm grateful to be signed up for MyGlam and BeautyArmy and BirchBox right now...can't wait to get samples...will make packing soooo much easier.

  6. Justina - I've been able to fly with both a backpack (because it carries more than a purse!) and carry-on before, but I would double-check with the airline you're flying on. Some are more strict than others but usually you can bring either a purse or backpack plus a carry-on bag/suitcase.



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