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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

M.A.D. Skincare- Acne Review

The time has come to review some M.A.D. Skincare items that Jessica and I have received in the mail.  We have dropped all of our other skincare routines and products to test these out and were pretty excited by the results we got from these products.  If you want to check out M.A.D. Skincare, they are on Facebook and you can find them at  Stay tuned for reviews of their delicate, environmental, brightening, and anti-aging lines, all coming soon!

Our Review:

The first product I tested out was the Blemish Repelling Gel 5% BPO. This product retails at $34 for 2 oz.  Here is the product overview:
This light weight gel cream absorbs quickly delivering a potent blend of Benzoyl Peroxide, Green Tea, Licorice, Aloe Vera and Epilobium Flescheri Extract. (whatever that is LOL)  This combination of ingredients fights blemishes, minimizes pores, soothes the skin and delivers anti oxidants your skin needs to look and feel its best.  Does not contain parabens or chemical colorants.  Aids in the control of blemishes.  
Of all the products I tried from M.A.D. Skincare so far, this is by far my favorite.  I like that for the price you get a large quantity of product.  If you're like me and need a visual for 2 oz, I just realized if I hold my squeezy bottle up to the picture they have on their website, they're literally the exact same size.  I'm not sure if this will work for you at your home computer, but it's just what I've noticed.

The Blemish Gel is a really nice product and I feel it's made a difference in my skin.  Unlike most products that claim to banish acne, I feel that this one actually does, and it does so without irritating my skin.  Other products that I've tried include:  Burt's Bees Blemish Stick, Clinique Spot Treatment, Clinique Emergency Spot Healing Gel, and plain old toothpaste.  When you think of a blemish, you normally think of skin that is broken, open, irritated, and possibly infected.  Few people have very dainty pimples, I know I don't!  Anyhow, the product you put on your broken irritated skin has the possibility of making that area much worse.  This stuff sinks into the skin, and you can't even feel it afterwards.  Burt's Bees Blemish Stick has a very stong and horrible scent and stings when it goes on the face- it almost stings in an unnatural way, beyond how you think your skin would react to a product.  M.A.D.'s blemish gel has no odor that I can detect, and it feels like your average lotion on the skin, although I know when I put it on it's working its magic.

Rating= A+

Since that's my most loved product, that's my longest review. So....brief intermission. Here are a few face pictures to look at!  Don't judge me by my dark's been a long day!

 This is my face with absolutely no makeup on.  Note the under eye circles, YIKES! acne!  Hurray!

 So, funny story about that little red blemish floating in the middle of my used to be a huge ugly raised up thing!  It is a recurring pimple I've had since July.  A few days after I used the acne line, it completely came to the surface.  I squeezed (yeah, I know you're not supposed to do that) and got all the goo out.  Ever since, that little bugger has been drying out and slowly fading away.  Success!

The other side of my face.  No acne!   

 My forehead at an angle.  I did my best to show you guys the way my skin texture looks- on the left side of my face you can see the best!  

I know it's kind of weird that there's light shining on one side of my face- but I swear it's helping you see how smooth and not bumpy my left side is!  

Here's my next three reviews...I promise these will be shorter and more bearable!

Spot on Zinc and Sulfur Mask- 2 oz for $28
A great way to deliver botanicals to help remove excess oils from your pores.  A penetrating mask designed to speed up clear skin.  Calms irritated skin.  Try it overnight for best results.
I did like this product a lot.  The smell is mild and not irritating.  I tend to have to use a lot of moisturizing products and serums when I am using anti acne products, so I tried to use this sparingly.  I didn't want to stray much from the line so I could review it to the best of my ability, and I didn't want to dry out too badly.  I did feel that this was a bit more on the drying side, however, it really does work.  One thing I noticed was that once you spread it on your skin and it dries, you can move your hand over your face and it kind of rolls off in little pieces.  This is probably why they have you wear it at night!  I like that it is an intense acne product, but doesn't contain such crazy ingredients like some do.  I once used a product that was prescription for acne, and it dyed my bedsheets at night with bleach!  Yuck!  This stuff is nothing like that- it contains tea tree oil, camphor, and willow bark extract as it's active ingredients.  I like that the most active ingredients are things I can pronounce!

Rating= A

Salicylic Cleansing Gel- 6.75 oz for $28

This cleanser is designed for maximum effectiveness in the fight against blemishes.  A potent blend of 2% Salicylic Acid with botanicals to fight oil and help balance oily prone skin.  This is the first step to controlling Acne.  Gentle cleansers and botanicals lift away dirt to keep pores clear and protect your skin leaving it clean, clear and refreshed read to start the day.  Infused with our Trinity Tea Complex, and natural oil control botanicals that keep working to make your skin balanced and clear.

I felt that this cleanser was very average.  I really didn't notice a difference in my skin between using this.  I also thought it odd that the cleanser only had 2% Salicylic Acid, as I have read in multiple sources that a product needs at least 5% to be effective.  I kind of wanted to have a super clean and amazing feel to my skin after this, but I couldn't achieve that unless I used it in conjunction with my facial brush.  The upside to this cleanser is that it comes with a top that reminds me of a serum.  It's really easy to control the amount that comes out!

Rating= C

Breakout Control Daily Moisturizer- 1.7 oz for $38
A lightweight daily moisturizer that helps control oil production and calms irritated skin.  Your skin will look and feel great as the botanicals help control oil production and the gentle moisturization keeps your skin from feeling dry and irritated.  Active ingredients:  Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Ginger Root Extract, Witch Hazel.

Let me start by saying I would never purchase such a small amount of a product for $38 unless it was on a super sale, because that is way out of my skin care price range, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. For that price, the product better REALLY deliver.  This one is ok.  I feel like I had almost enough moisture to my skin while wearing this, but not quite enough to help my makeup glide on smoothly over top.  Thankfully there's a controlled application on this product as well, because you wouldn't want to waste any!  I did like it, but if you choose to use it, you need to make sure and add a hydrating, oil free moisturizer over top.  Make sure it's oil free, otherwise using anti acne products is a waste of time!

Rating= B

Well, that concludes my Acne skincare line review.  I really enjoy these products, and I am excited to see what new products they come out with in the future.  The nice thing about this line is that they encourage moving across lines and trying different products from other lines at the same time.  You don't need to stay within the same line for every need!  Just remember if your problem with your skin is acne, to steer clear of products that have oil.  If you combine oil rich products with oil free, you are still clogging your pores.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more reviews coming up soon!

Yours in Beauty, and (not) acne,


  1. i am trying out the line, as well. i don't have acneic skin, but i am using the cleanser on my back and am getting so-so results...the anti aging and environmental lines are giving me very good results.

  2. Great review, I can't wait to see how the other lines work out for you!

  3. I love the environmental line! I didn't think I would, but it rocks! Have you tried their tinted sunscreen? It goes on like a dream!



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