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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lusting After....

Hey girlies!  I had such an amazing vacation week that I am loathing the idea of going to bed.  Tomorrow is Monday, and I am in fact employed, so I will be getting up in approximately 5 hours to put in a glorious 8 hour work day.  FML.  Do you ever just have a weekend so magical that the mere thought of going back to work makes you want to die?  That's me.  Well, to make myself feel better, I am going to compile a list of things I am lusting after currently.  And then, tomorrow, if I do a really good job and don't whine too much at work, I'm going to get myself something off the list.  Does anyone else who's reading this make deals with themselves?  Or am I the only one?

Lusting after...
1.  Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Top Brass.  Glossy brown shadows are really in right now and I think this shade is to die for!

2.  Anything by 100% Pure.  Jessica and I are testing out their products right now and we are both in love.  Check our blog for a review sometime soon.  I was on their website tonight with intentions of buying stuff but couldn't make a choice.

Check them out at  I just posted on their Facebook page, so hopefully someone leaves me a recommendation!  

3.  Really cute workout clothes.  So I can use my gym membership.  I'm not able to use my gym without having these.  It's true.

4.  My MyGlam bag to arrive!  Ahhh please come tomorrow.....I was so hoping it would come while I was out of town, and no such luck.

Check out!

5.  A new hair color.  I'm thinking ombre...ash brown at the roots, and a reddish brown at the ends?  There are so many people who pull this look off soo well I don't even know which to choose!

6.  A pink-purple nail shade.  This one is called Splash of Grenadine by Essie.

7.  The ybf eyebrow pencil Jessica uses in her tutorial...isn't it to die for?

What shall I treat myself to tomorrow???

Little Randoms:

  • I'm going to wear all my new stuff tomorrow.  I bought a really cute scarf from a shop in Leavenworth, WA that sells handmade items from women in Nepal.  I LOVE buying homemade stuff and Jessica and I love to promote companies like  I could kick myself that I didn't get the name of the people who are involved in the scarf making.  I tried to check the website of the store I was at, but they don't sell online so I don't know how I'll find out my info.  I'm also going to wear some of my new stuff that came from Sephora while I was gone.  
  • Jessica- you should do a review on all the cute stuff I got you.  :-)  And at the end, you should tell me how great I am and how much you love me :-)
  • Mike got me some really cute earrings while we were away so I'll wear those too.  I promise I'll post a pic.
  • I'm switching my skin care routine to the exact same one Jessica is using.  I'm hoping my skin clears up then.  It was so bad on our trip.  Soo bad.

Yours in Beauty, and no bedtime tonight,


  1. If you remember the name of the store, and they don't have a website, try to at least track down a phone number for the store! I'm sure you can call and speak to someone who can give you more information about the scarf makers :-)

  2. It is always difficult to start the work week, especially after a really great weekend! I love ombre should go for it! :)



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