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Monday, January 2, 2012

Life Changing Tips 2012

While I was at work today, I had a huge awakening.  It was the kind of awakening you have when you either need to or have already made some HUGE changes in your life.  I was reflecting, as most of us do in the first few days of the year, on some huge shifts I've made in my life recently.

Since starting this beauty blog, I feel like we've connected with a huge community of people who want to be smart about saving money, about their health, and much more.  Many people are really dedicated to reaching out to large volumes of people and giving them lots of ideas and inspiration on many different topics.  I have come to look forward to receiving inbox messages saying "Beautybroadcast has posted a new blog!"  And I have come to really enjoy connecting with you guys, and hearing your comments, although I wish you'd leave more so I'd know what you want to read about :-)

With big life changes on the brain today, I thought I'd share just a few things on my mind.  I hope you can all leave a comment and add to my list!

Don't Spend Money Stupidly

-I was at work today, and I needed coffee in a bad way.  I ended up purchasing a coffee for $1 that came in a styrofoam cup barely as tall as my pointer finger.  ONE DOLLAR I tell you.  What a rip!  I was in a rush today and forgot my thermos, so this isn't an ordinary purchase for me.  My husband bought me several thermos mugs for Christmas, so I'll always have a clean one handy.  I normally use my Keurig to fill up, and then if I need a refill at work there's usually some brewing in the break room.  But imagine if I spent $1 on a thimble of coffee every week day.  That's $20 a month....which I'd rather be wasting elsewhere!

Totally cute mugs that are reusable AND save you $$

-For most of my life I've been a cosmetics snob and have had product loyalty to many different high end lines, and never even touched upon the drugstore brands.  There are some high end products I know I'll ALWAYS come back to.  But it feels so good to look in my makeup caddy and see lots of stuff I love at every price point.  Imagine if you could find a $5 mascara you love dearly, and you could replace your $25 mascara with the cheaper, just as awesome one.  That's $80 a year.  Maybe you can't live without your pricey mascara, but I'm sure there's at least something in your beauty routine you can replace for less!  I dare you to try it.

One of my new favorite inexpensive brands--Rimmel!

-I recently was totally loving this brush that I had seen in many beauty tutorials.  It was a little smudger brush just perfect for getting into your crease or patting color onto your lid.  I found it for $18 on Sephora, and I so wanted to order it right on the spot.  I get that feeling a lot when I get really pumped about something, do you?  I feel like it's urgent that I get it RIGHT NOW! Well, I'm glad I didn't, because I just found the exact same brush by ELF at Target for $1!  I know brushes can be a worthwhile investment, but if you can find something for literally $1, I do think it's worth giving it a run for its money before investing in the expensive one.  I love it so far!  And if it breaks?  I can buy 18 more and still be getting a better deal than Sephora!

Get Your Creativity On

-Many beauty buys are unnecessary.  I don't mean you don't need ANOTHER pink in your collection, put down the brand new Maybelline lip stain.  Well, maybe you don't.  But what I mean is a lot of products are more about technique and less about the actual product.  There is a new ombre lip color out by CoverGirl this week, and I bought it, then realized...dang!  I could create an ombre lip with the hundreds of lipsticks I already have!  I don't need a double sided lipstick in two colors to create that look.

-I want so badly to save money on dying my hair, but I just can't stop.  I finally decided that this year I'm going to take the plunge and do ombre hair!  I love the look of just a little pop of color but keeping up with your roots is expensive.  I'm so glad this is a popular look this year!  No more root touchups!

Love her, love her hair!
Learn to Hustle

-Sometimes, let other people do your dirty work.  There are SO many great new products out right now for Spring that I don't even know where to start!  I was very tempted by Maybelline's 10 hour glossy lip stains yesterday at Walgreens.  Then I remembered that I have never once tried a drugstore lipstain that was actually long wearing.  Why not wait a few days until some other beauty blogger has tried it and posted about it, and read THEIR review for once, rather than being the one who reviews and then wastes money on a subpar product that will likely never get returned out of laziness?  I'm glad I did in this instance, because I was less than impressed by the results.

Check her out!

-Check and double check your bills.  I keep forgetting that if I just call our cell phone provider to inform them my husband's job will give us a discount on our bill, that I will start saving 20%.  Why am I not on the phone right now?  20% might not seem like a lot, but it will easily chop $20 off our bill each month.  I think I'll be socking my extra $240 a year elsewhere, and not padding the pockets of Verizon Wireless, thank you very much!

Don't Be Wasteful

-I know we all get really excited about beauty purchases but don't forget to "shop your stash" once in a while.  I know I love to get a great deal and buy a ton of stuff, but um, hello Justina!  You actually need to use things up sometimes!  I have more lipstick than a person should ever, ever own.  Same with mascaras.  I am learning to try and be happy with what I have before automatically going out and buying the newest thing.  If I am looking for a new red, can't I try to just mix a few colors I already have in a little pot?  Or can't I experiment with the reds I already have by putting a colored gloss over to change it up?  I have also been putting my unopened products that I got in free gifts, or just at a great deal aside.  Products you love and haven't opened yet make great gifts for people you love!  Just remember not to buy more than you can use in a reasonable amount of time.

-My husband really loves hunting and he got a deer this year.  I'm not a huge fan of venison because I don't like the gamey taste, but rather than wasting it, we have been making jerky and canning it!  I love the jerky and it's so easy to make at home with a food dehydrator.  My grandma is teaching us how to can the rest so we can store it without having to use our limited freezer space.  For all you vegetarians out there, please don't take offense, I actually spent 3 years as a vegetarian and loved it.  Married life has caused me to be more lax with what I will eat, because I don't enjoy preparing two meals every meal time for my meat loving husband and for me, the veggie lover.  I still don't eat a lot of meat, but I figure if you are going to kill an animal, you better use every last piece of that animal as food or you SHOULD feel bad.

-We ate out a TON in December, to the point where I feel disgusting about my body and my health right now.  Sometimes we don't even eat unhealthy food when we go out, but we always feel bad for spending the money, and especially when we already had a ton of food at home!  There is this great salad I had been eating when we would dine out, and I realized what I loved most about it was the french fried onions and the garbanzo beans.  So...I went out and bought salad, and garbanzo beans and french fried onions!  I made a phenomenal salad last night and even my hubby loved it!  That can't be the only meal I've had out that can be easily recreated at home!  Which reminds me...I think I have a cookbook somewhere all about how to make great restaurant meals at home.

-On the same token, there are lots of really great and easy things you can do to jazz up your standard meals at home.  We buy a ton of macaroni and cheese, and eat a ton of peanut butter and jelly, but just slightly tweaking these meals makes all the difference in the world!

Mac'n'cheese+sauteed onions+green pepper+mushroom

Peanut butter+jelly+microwave

Canned vegetarian chili+light sour cream+drizzle of shredded cheese+chives

Cheap frozen pizza+ all the chopped vegetables your fridge contains

I know some of these options aren't the healthiest options in the world, but they certainly make all the difference when it comes to eating at home!  I always think going out sounds much tastier than eating at home, but when you can get creative with your meals and they are just as quick, why not just eat at home?

It's the Little Things

-I know every year just about everyone I know resolves they will lose 20 pounds.  I know I do!  This year I really feel that I have to because I have noticed a huge shift in my attitude, my energy (or lack thereof) and the way my clothes fit.  I will be doing something for my health this year!  Literally, I'm so bad at diets, that just thinking about one makes me crave pizza.  However, just keep in mind it's the little things that makes all the difference!  Keep in mind there are lots of healthy options at different places when you order out and it will make a big difference in the long run if you pay attention to these things.  If you are craving a chicken sandwich, do grilled instead of fried.  If you are getting a burger combo, do salad instead of fries, and see if you can get your patty switched out for a turkey burger.  These things add up.

-I hate exercising more than anything in the world, except for waking up in the morning.  HATE IT!  That said, it wouldn't kill me to shake my booty once in a while.  I am going to make a huge effort to go to the gym twice a week, and try to do a little snippet of an exercise video every evening.  Once again, I hate exercising, but once I become more fit, I know I will love it again.  These things grow on you once you make them a habit.  There was a time I was into workouts, and I WILL get there again!  And I know you can too!  If you can think of any tips for me, I'd love to hear them!  Light the fire under my butt to get up and go!

Be Thankful For What You Have

-Today at my job one of my duties was to watch "The Pursuit of Happyness."  It really put my life in perspective.  If you haven't seen it, you should look it up.  I only saw a snippet of the film so I can only vouch for a tiny bit.  Sometimes I like to feel like my life is really pitiful and I have a "pity poor me" party but many people have it much much worse.  Then, on my break I read a story about a woman who contracted sepsis while pregnant and ended up having a ton of amputations and barely making it out alive.  If you want a real tear jerker, read "The Legacy Letters," a compilation of open letters written to family, friends, and lovers who were killed in the 9/11 attacks.  If that won't wake you up and shake you into being grateful, I don't know what will!

-I got to see a lot of friends and family during the holidays, and although going back to work was like pulling teeth today, I feel really really good about the love I have in my life.  I am so blessed to have all the people in my life that I do.  I hope you all feel the same way and were able to enjoy love, food, and warmth with the people in your life!

Yours in Beauty, Justina


  1. Great tips, thanks. Now the problem is just sticking with them! :)

  2. Fantastic post! I recommend crock pot guys on FB for some Fab recipes to make and forget the eating out. I am new here, but if you have kids or a Wii, use it for the exercise. Highly recommend the dance ones. Venison tip, soak in milk helps the gamey taste.



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