InTruBeauty: January 2012 Birchbox has arrived!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 2012 Birchbox has arrived!

My friend Jeannie's Birchbox:

Jessica's January 2012 Birchbox Unveiling Vlog

stila smudge sticks have great staying power and are beautiful colors. $20/eye liner. This was a full sized liner. I have picked up a 2 pack for $10 on a Black Friday sale and I have seen them cheaper elsewhere as well. 


  1. Excellent video! Mike and I laughed a ton at your comments and kept saying "that's what she said"- you know you rock when even Mike thinks you're funny. He also said you were a bitch that you would gift stuff you didn't like LOL. PS besides your vid being hilarious, another thing I loved was that you posted what was in it right under the video, so I could keep track at the same time in case I didn't understand what you said or whatever. Very good! I'm beyond excited to get my 3 packages that should be waiting for me at home. Actually, 4 including the Sephora that I had shipped to my parents' house. LOL Oh boy. - Justina

  2. ps lets ask Jeannie to do a review of her box! I want another guest blogger since our other one went so well, and Jeannie is articulate so I think she would do really well.

  3. And your 100% pure and I have some Alex and Isabelle hair ties for me. I did a vlog review on them. It will seriously be like Christmas for you! Glad you guys liked my video, I had tons of fun with it. I will ask Jeannie since she has become quite the beauty guru already! I bought some YBF, they had an awesome today's special value plus I love what they sent so far! That brow pencil is amazing! Can't wait to try it on you and my mom!



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