InTruBeauty: Guest Blogger- Rebecca Frey, Mary Kay Super Star

Monday, January 30, 2012

Guest Blogger- Rebecca Frey, Mary Kay Super Star


Okay, now that we've started off on that akward note, I grew up in the small town of Onalaska, WI and

loved every minute of it. But unfortunately job security plays a huge role in our lives these days and my

Dad was relocated and chosen to take over his company as the CEO. What an amazing honor! So we

packed up our beautiful life, and headed to the golden state, California, specifically the awesome town of

Woodland CA.

If any of you know this place, you'll understand I'm joking when I describe Woodland as AWESOME, but

hey, you've got to make the best of any situation right! Graduated from Woodland High School in the top

50 of my class and was the only Senior of my graduating class to be accepted into UCLA, so.... of course,

I WENT! It was the opportunity of a lifetime and the time of my life. The only thing is, I wish someone

would have share the Mary Kay opportunity with me while I was there to avoid working 3 jobs and taking

on a full school schedule! Let me tell you, the TimeWise® Targeted-Action® Eye Revitalizer would

have SAVED my eyes from the darkness of night that seemed to stick with me for my 4 years in school!

Since I was the only person I knew in Los Angeles, I decided to RUSH a sorority and join the Greek life

to give me "something to do" and meet some new people. I called my mom after the first day of rush and

told her all about it. She was quite silent and then asked, "is everything okay, are you alright, do I need to

come visit?" The reason for the concerned questioning was because I've been a sports fanatic my whole

life and girlie shenanigans were NEVER my thing!

Neither was the color PINK, again, coincidence or fate I'm not sure, but my mother overdosed me with

PINK as a child which scarred my PINK liking for life, or so I thought!

Don't worry though, I'm SOOOO ready to ROCK that pearlescent prestigious PINK Cadillac by July of


Anyways, enough about PINK. I graduated from UCLA with a bachelor's degree in fine arts, had some

amazing times and met some of my best friends. Because of my sorority network, I was able to get an

interview for the job of a lifetime, at Universal Studios! I'm not sure exactly how I landed this job as I

was definitely not qualified but I was one of four assistants to a very established individual in the dream

makers city of Hollywood, CA.

My experiences at Universal Studios were far from boring and I loved every minute of the fast paced

corporate world! However, it was only a temporary position, which flew by in the blink of an eye. So

needless to say, I was spoiled with corporate paycheck straight out of college and was returned to the job

hunting world.

So, I moved back home to that AMAZING town, Woodland. I think a huge shout out is in order here to

my parents for allowing their first born to return after almost 5 years out of the nest! I LOVE YOU GUYS,


Started a graduate program in San Francisco, realized it wasn't for me, and started working at a local

gym, at $9 an hour, watching children, lots of them, with a degree from UCLA and absolutely NO jobs out

there for fine artists. I literally will probably have to be dead before I make a million bucks in artwork, but

hey, it's my passion and expression!

Somehow, not sure exactly what I said, but I convinced my best friend (and first MK team member), Ms.

Alexandra Dune to move up to Woodland, that awesome little place. She made a few friends, one of

which moved in with Alex & I around November 2010. Never met this girl in my life until she moved her

clothes in, but Ms. Michael Diaz, yes her name is Michael like a guy, but she is a girl, flipped my ENTIRE

world upside down and Into PINK with her life loving attitude and determined nature of her 19 year old


She decided to have a Mary Kay party at our house and told me about it. I said, "I'M LEAVING, and I

want nothing to do with Mary Kay or any of those "silly" things." Michael was slightly confused and

 skeptical, but still held her promise to her friend to have the party. Guess what, Michael signed her

beauty agreement ON THE SPOT that night and decided to become an Independent Beauty Consultant

with Mary Kay.

Michael, the next day, asked me to have coffee with her and her director and I'm almost certain that I

refused before she could even get the invitation out of her mouth. Let's face it, I was the heckler.

After a gnarly awesome booty kicking workout with my trainer, I decided to hit up Target, because it's only

my FAVORITE store on earth! Well, guess who just happened to be there? That's right, Michael and her

director. I avoided them, sat a few tables away and ignored them until Michael came over and forced me

to not be rude and go sit and listen. Besides, it wasn't going to kill me right?

I sat there with my arms crossed, with no expression on my face while Crystal, Michael's director, whom

I thought was a "one in a million" success story, explained the business. Now I kept the straight face

throughout the entire share, but my ears perked when I heard the limitless advancement opportunities

with Mary Kay. I'm a go getter and I like to be the best at what I do, so naturally, I've always been held

back in positions by a boss, or maxed out my advancement in the first few months of a job.

I signed my beauty agreement on December 7th, 2010. Since then, only a short year later, I've promoted

myself to the top 2% of the company as an Independent Sales Director, earned my first free car, and after

this Tuesday, my first diamond ring! I've overcome my biggest fear of talking in front of groups, hence

the "PICTURE EVERYONE IN THEIR UNDERWEAR" kick off to my story!

Whatever your vision in life, know that this opportunity can work in your life as a supplemental income, a

growing experience, a change of life, or just to try something new. Whatever the reason I believe in this

company and KNOW it can and will provide everything and all that you want if you have the heart and the


"Champions are not champions because they are braver than other people, champions are champions

because they are braver LONGER than other people."

I am not a boss but a mentor, YOU are the CEO of your own company in Mary Kay!! I started this

Business December 2010. My goal is to build leaders and give my position and future positions away! I

love love love changing the lives of my Mary Kay brothers and sisters and instilling in them that anything

is possible if you dream it and dream big!

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land amongst the stars"


We want to say thank you to Rebecca for writing this awesome, and inspirational blog post for us!  We urge you to check out her page to see what she has to offer.  We will be putting a link to her page on our blog site under "Where to Buy."

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