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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Essential Jewelry Wardrobe

Hey everyone!

I was inspired by Jessica's jewelry post and so I thought I would bring you more jewelry!  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pieces and how I accessorize with them!

I buy most of my jewelry at a boutique in La Crosse called Funk, on clearance at the mall, and at vintage boutiques.  I love jewelry, but I hate having the same exact pieces everyone else has!  Rather than going by what's in style, I just choose the things I like and the pieces that "call out" to me from the clearance rack.  I only splurge on items that I feel are so unique I couldn't find them anywhere else.

It was hard for me to narrow down what was really ESSENTIAL in my jewelry wardrobe, but I've narrowed it down to the items I wear most frequently.  If I remember where I bought something, and the ballpark of what I paid for it, I will list it and link you to their site!


Classy Pearls- One strand, two strand, or some that wrap around multiple times.
-Best worn with:  Literally everything besides a sweatshirt.  They take an outfit from blah to uber classy with no effort at all.

Real Freshwater Pearls.  Orig. $100.  Macy's 80% clearance + coupon + use your card savings= $1

Vintage Faux Pearls from Grandma- priceless!

Dress-up worthy Freshwater Pearls.  Helzberg Diamonds $100

Fun Pearls/Beads with Ribbons
-Best worn with:  A little black dress or a fancy sweater.  The ribbon pearls are best worn in the winter with a simple solid shirt and in the summer with a fun sundress.

Large Faux Pearls with Black Satin Ribbon- Orig. $50, Macy's clearance- $15

Satin and Beaded Tie Necklace- Funk, $15

Simple Stud Necklace
-Best worn with:  Just about everything.  This is a very easy choice when wearing an outfit that's really busy because it's just a little sparkle mixed in.

Fossil Brand Stud Necklace- Orig. $38.  Macy's clearance- $7

Rocker Chic Necklace
-Best worn with:  Something black or solid, or paired with leather.

Jessica Simpson Necklace- Orig. $100.  Macy's clearance- $4

Fossil Necklace- Orig. $48.  Macy's clearance- $10

A Dangly Necklace
-Best worn with:  A more dramatic outfit.  Loud patterns and fun prints work well with these.  Or an LBD would be a great option as well.

Beads and Chains Necklace.  Express.  $30

Funky Rhinestone and Metals Necklace.  Funk $30

Jessica Simpson Pendant Necklace. TJ Maxx $14

Vintage Necklace
-Best worn with:  Something elegant and classic like an LBD.  I also like wearing mine as the focal point of my outfit, with black pants, a black cardigan, and a simple blouse.

Vintage Necklace.  Funk.  $40

Paper Bead Necklace
Best worn with:  Just about anything.  This is a very versatile piece.  I feel that it goes very well with more earthy outfits that are brown based, and lends a casual feel to an otherwise dressed up outfit.  

Bead for Life Necklace.  $25


Simple Beaded Bracelet
-Best worn with:  Everything!  As long as the colors match your outfit in some way, shape, or form, you are good to go!  These are really easy to make.

Multi colored Bead Bracelet.  (It was a gift, but I think could've been made for $2-3)

Rocker Chic Bracelet
Best worn with:  This bracelet made from leather and liquid silver is an awesome piece.  Every time I wear it I get lots of compliments because it is definitely a statement piece.  I would wear pair this with just about any outfit, except for something really frilly and dainty.  However, even with a very feminine outfit this could add a more rocker feel.

Leather and Silver Bracelet.  Funk.  $40

Mixed Metals Bracelet
Best worn with:  Anything casual. I love this bracelet because it allows me to tie in gold and silver in the same outfit.  It is a little loose on me, but if I flip one of the pendants upside down it makes it a little tighter and more secure on my wrist.  The nice thing about Fossil brand jewelry is that they often make patterns on both sides of the jewelry.

Fossil Bracelet.  Macy's Clearance.  $7

Statement Bracelet
-Best worn with: A fun outfit, if you are not doing a statement necklace.  These work great when the rest of your jewelry is minimal.  I love doing a statement bracelet with a fun pair of shoes and some rad earrings.

Large Rhinestone Bracelet- Funk, $20

Rhinestone Bracelet
-Best worn with:  Any outfit for a special occasion or a night on the town.  For your wedding, to be a guest at a wedding, or any other special event.  This is a good item to splurge on, because cheap rhinestones

Rhinestone Bracelet.  Funk. $35


Simple Drop Earrings
Best worn with:  Anything and everything- even a sweatshirt!  A simple hanging bead literally goes with everything.  It doesn't make a huge statement either, so you can get away with a chunky necklace or bracelet.  They're also small enough that you could do a fun scarf and still be balanced.

Brushed Metal Earrings- Funk.  $4

Simple Stud
Best worn with:  Everything!  You can even wear these with a sweatshirt.  Simple pearls or studs match everything under the sun.  Pair them with a pearl necklace, or any necklace.  They are really that versatile.

Simple Faux Pearl Studs- Macy's. $10

Fun Danglies
Best worn with:  Jeans and a cute top.  I love these earrings because they give me a little pizazz without being too over the top.  Add them to a cardigan and black pants to dress it down, or add it to a tshirt and jeans to dress it up.  

Fossil Earrings.  Macy's Clearance- $14

Rocker Chic Earrings
Best worn with:  These are really versatile.  Added to a mostly black outfit they look really sleek.  Added to something a little more boho and it also lends a dressed up feel.  

BCBG Gold and Rhinestone Earrings.  Macy's Clearance- $7

Elegant Dress up Rhinestones
Best worn with:  Fancy outfits.  These earrings are gorgeous and classy.  Like I've said, splurge on the rhinestones you will be wearing for special occasions.  

Rhinestone Drop Earrings- Funk.  $35

Here are some links to the places I bought the jewelry in this blog:
Funk- also on Facebook

Other places I love to find jewelry:
Wet Seal (for uber trendy stuff)

Did you like this post?  Would you like to see more of this type of post?  Let us know in the comments!  And don't forget to follow us to be automatically entered into our 100 follower giveaway!

Yours in Beauty, Justina and Jessica

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