InTruBeauty: Day 1 of 15- Deep, Dark, Shimmering Shades

Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 1 of 15- Deep, Dark, Shimmering Shades

This is the first post in our 15 day series where we will be swatching all of our favorite eyeshadow shades by stay tuned.  And don't forget to subscribe!

Here are a few of our favorite eye shades.  These are all deep, shimmering shades that work great as crease shades for neutrals.  We could have just told you to use the deep shimmering shades of the Urban Decay NAKED pallette, but that's too easy.  Here are all the crease color shades we'd use if we had to remake it!

 Far away shot of all the shades

Busy Signal, Backstage Pass, Mildew, Rockstar 

Zip Me Up, Mannequin, Rum Spice, Black Amethyst 

Left to Right-
Lancome Color Design- Zip Me Up
Lancome Color Design- Mannequin
Clinique Color Surge- Rum Spice
Clinique Color Surge- Black Amethyst
Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow- Busy Signal
Lancome Color Design- Backstage Pass
Urban Decay- Mildew
Urban Decay- Rockstar

These pictures are the property of TruBeautyGems, however, if you want to share them on your blog, feel free.  Please link to our blog site if you choose to show these to your readers!

This is day 1 of 15 days of beautiful eyeshadow shades, so stay tuned. And if you haven't already, subscribe to our blog.  Here's what you get a chance at if you are one of first 100 subscribers:

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Yours in Beauty, Justina and Jessica


  1. Those all look like really gorgeous colours! I love the warm, shimmery shades.

  2. Thanks! Stay tuned, we have 14 more days of our fave swatches in all color categories!


  3. Love these colors! I can't wait to see what other colors show up over the next two weeks! This is such a great idea!!

  4. Love these colors and would love to see more tutorials! I always have a hard time not making them look too heavy or tacky!



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