InTruBeauty: Braided Bun Fun & Rucky's MyGlam Photo Shoot

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Braided Bun Fun & Rucky's MyGlam Photo Shoot

Here is a look Justina tried on me last night. Uber cuteness! The best part was that it literally took her under five minutes to accomplish. This would be a perfect style for a wedding as well either if you're going as a guest or in the wedding party. She secured the bun with my cute Alex & Isabelle bow tie hair tie. You could also use some sparkly pins or clips to dress this up. Justina is an excellent braider, unfortunately, that is not one of my skills! Sorry for the glaring lights in this, our professional lighting operator wasn't available (I kid, I kid)

Thanks Justina for this super cute and easy look! 

Yours in Beauty (and cute braided fun buns), 


Bonus: Here are some clips from Rucky's photo shoot for MyGlam. The final picture is in the running for us to win this month. Be sure to check out MyGlam's January MyGlam Photo Album and show your love for our Rucky.

What is Auntie doing to me now??!

It's rough being a model 


Awh, that feels nice and warm! Diva alert!

How many pictures is she going to take?


I just want to go to bed

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