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Monday, January 30, 2012

Bernie's Bad Day

Do any of you remember the book Bernie's Bad Day? Where poor Bernie the Bear just can't have anything go right? Well, here are a few tips to try for your own bad days to get rid of a case of the Bernies. And best of all, these are all free or very inexpensive.

1. Change out your shower curtain liner. This will cost around $3, but it feels so good to throw out that grubby liner thats been hanging in your shower and replace it with a brand new one. I finally got around to this today and it felt so wonderful to throw out my old liner.

2. Buy some good for you juice. My absolute favorite is Minute Maid Pomegranate Blueberry juice. This comes in a tea version, but I prefer the actual juice one. I feel so much better after having a glass of this. This is a 100% juice blend, tastes wonderful, and has antioxidants and vitamins in it which help nourish your brain.

3. Buy something cheap, but bright as a treat for yourself. These are the days where I see what coupons I have so I can get some super cheap deals. I had a $5 Old Navy rewards card, so I stopped by there and ended up with this scarf (above) which retailed for $12, and I ended up paying about $8 which is a pretty cheap pick me up.

4. Buy something you need. I bought a 3 pack of black dress socks for $5 at TJ Maxx. Buying things you actually need isn't as fun as buying things you want, so I had been holding off on buying this, making a bee line right for the makeup section instead. But my tosies have been really cold lately and I'm sick of running late in the morning trying to find socks that match and are warm. I feel much better now that I know I purchased something I actually need. Check!

5.  Wash your bed sheets and pillow cases, you will have a very sound sleep! Also, something simple like vaccuming or cleaning up one area or room of your house will make you feel more organized and active.

6. Paint your nails. I'm loving my new Zoya nail polishes in Audrina (bright pink) and Austine ( light copper). After I am done writing this post, I'm going to paint my nails a fun bright color.

7. Pamper yourself. This can mean taking a nice long bubble bath or shower. On days like this I like to use a hair mask or treatment like Argan hair mask that can be found at Sally's Beauty. These are days I also like to do a face mask. I'm contemplating the Freeman cucumber mask or my Avani mud mask right now.

8. Feel like giving in and ordering a pizza? That may make you feel better in the short term, but right after you are going to feel loaded down and greasy. Instead, I picked up a Lean Cuisine Pepperoni pizza. This has under 300 calories and is pretty tasty.

9. Eat something chewy. What is it about chewy food that just makes you feel better? I love fat free gummy worms or Archer Farms organic strawberry bars and fruit snacks which I purchased today.

10. Here's a seemingly easy one. Smile. :)

Yours in Beauty (and turning around bad days), 



  1. Love your post! I went out and bought bras today, which I do like, NEVER so it was nice to get something I actually needed. Hope you're feeling better!

  2. washing my sheets and pillowcases (two or three times a week is normal for me) is my favorite way to relax...i have several sets of king size high thread cotton loveliness that i can choose from and they are all lovely...

  3. Wonderful tips!!!



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