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Monday, January 2, 2012

Beauty Tips From My Grandma

Hey Everybody!  
Just wanted to share some super cute beauty tricks my grandma just sent me via email.  My grandma is beautiful and has great skin, and she loves to save money.  She was thinking of me today and without me even having to ask, she sent me some cheap beauty tips!  FYI- My grandma has Blepheritis and has to cleanse her eyelids daily (whether or not she's wearing makeup).  That said, I would assume her eye area is fairly sensitive because the condition basically means "inflamed eyelids."  So hopefully some of her tricks work for you, or maybe some of you have the same condition...I'd be curious to learn if any of our readers suffer from this!

A Beauty Lesson From Grandma:

1.  My dermatologist told me years ago to use OLAY complete under my makeup and use it every day.  It is a sunscreen and base- all in one and fairly inexpensive.  You can pick it up almost anywhere.

2.  Pond's Moisturizing Cream has been around forever and is wonderful.  I have it on right now and it feels so refreshing and I can feel my skin saying thank you.

3.  If your hair is dry, put on mayo or olive oil and let it set for a while before shampooing out.  

4.  I shop at the Family Dollar for my blush, usually Maybelline Dream Mousse in different colors.  I use just a basic foundation cream and powder over the top followed by blush.  It will save you a lot of money in the long run.  

5.  When I was a kid, we always shampooed our hair and then put a diluted glass of vinegar and water and poured it over. We gave it a quick rinse and it made it really shiny.  

I love these tips and I hope you got something from them too!  I broke out in college from an Olay product and haven't tried it since, but I know a lot of people have great success with their products.  Jessica swears by Pond's and we both love Maybelline Dream Mousse blushes.  I have a few of their colors and they are great!  I personally can't wait to try the vinegar trick in my hair!  

Have a great week!  I know it was hard for me to go back today after a long and blissful vacation.

Yours in Beauty, Justina

Jessica's comment I will have to ask my grandma next time I see her what her beauty tips are. She has always been a stunning natural beauty and is one of those women with a classic style. Her nails and eyebrows are naturally perfect. She raised six kids and always managed to be beautiful, inside and out. (My grandpa was a pretty handsome fellow as well!) :)

She is a great grandmother to 12 children 6 and under, soon to be 13! :) Maybe its being around all the babies that keeps you looking young!


  1. I actually did use to use vinegar on my hair in high school. I haven't done it in awhile, can't remember too much so I guess this isn't that helpful of a comment! :) And yes I do love Ponds, I've used it for years and years now and nothing compares to it, it is affordable and lasts forever.



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