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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beauty Army Launch

Hello my beauties!  January 1st at noon (or 2 pm our time) marked the much anticipated launch of Beauty Army.  Their site crashed, and drama ensued, but I still got my products!  For those of you who have not read up on this company, they offer 6 products per month that you can hand select between the first and 5th of the month, at $12 including shipping fees.  I will show you what I chose for my six samples and tell you my initial thoughts!

Control Corrective Clear Med 5%
Designed for dry to normal skin, this medicated wash contains ingredients that penetrate and clear out pores but won't irritate your skin.  Use regularly to keep acne under control and keep skin clear.  
Sample Size: 0.1 oz

CellCeuticals Neocell
This micro-resurfacing skin treatment has natural enzymes and volcanic micro-minerals that will exfoliate skin without irritation, revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion.
Sample Size:  0.34 oz
Boo Boo Cover-Up Cover-Up
Keep looking your best, even while you're healing with this unique formula that doubles as a concealer and a healing treatment.  Containing natural ingredients known to accelerate healing, this concealer will ensure no one will ever know about your "boo boo."
Shade:  Medium
Sample Size:  0.1 oz
Strivectin Get Even Brightening Serum
Be among the first to try this brand new brightening.  Made for all skin types, this will even out your skin tone and texture and bring out your natural glow.

LaRocca Skincare Shield Multi-Active Lip Balm (Proseco)
Nourishes and protects with amino acids and anti-microbials.  This lip balm improves the look and feel of your lips and smells amazing!
Full Size
MyFace Cosmetics Blingtone Eyeshadow (Sp'ice'y)
Create a wicked wash of colour and dramatic, wet-looking shine.  Blingtone eyeshadows glide on smoothly and won't drop or flake.
Full Size.

Disclaimer:  I have not tried ANY of these products yet, so this is not a review at this point, just my initial thoughts on this company.

So there you have it.  I'm receiving two full size products this month, and four samples.  The four samples don't appear to be deluxe sized, rather the size you could probably pick up for free by walking through Macy's.  For $12 including shipping, I am pretty pleased that I was able to hand pick my items, and that I was able to get two makeup items, both being full sized.  Here are some of the good and the not so good things I have noticed so far in my dealings with this company:

1.  They have an excellent social media site on Facebook- Nancy-Lee, blogger at FashionCHICsta, runs the Facebook site and does an outstanding job communicating with people via the Facebook Wall, so any questions, complaints, or general comments are always answered promptly.

2.  If you're not a fan of the samples chosen for you, you can retake your survey to get a different selection.

3.  They have a nice selection of products for different needs- makeup, skin care, anti-aging, tanning, hair, etc.  There are several categories you can choose in your survey that you would like to see products for.

4.  Many of their products are brands I had not heard of before.  This is great, because it expands your horizons and introduces you to new, and great companies!

5.  They seem very interested in constantly evolving and changing, and doing a great job at getting back to their customers.  So, I could see a lot of things I listed under "not so good" changing in a quick hurry!

6.  It is super fun and exciting to be part of a brand new company as they are launching!  This one could truly be the one that launches the "beauty revolution!"  And you could be one of the first members!  How cool!

7.  They do really fun contests on their Facebook page, including one that our very own Jessica recently won with her great holiday look!  

Not So Good
1.  Shipping on any full size products you would order is always a flat fee of $5.  That's understandable for small orders, but I'd like if my orders over, say, $50 included shipping, like most companies offer.

2.  The design of their website once you get past the survey part, is shoddy at best.  I don't like how outdated it feels.  They should take a page from ShoeDazzle, or BeautyMint and make the designs more fun, sleek, and user friendly, not just BLACK and boring.

3.  They don't send you an email once your order has successfully been placed, just when your kit ships.  I actually commented on this on their Facebook page, and they have already passed it on to the people that control those things, so this could change.

4.  You only have nine samples to choose from, and you can choose up to six.  I would like to see 10-12 samples that I can choose from.  Could this be coming in the future?

5.  Some people only want to get makeup, not all the other stuff, from Beauty Army.  I retook the survey a few times to get as much makeup in my sample kit as possible, but to my knowledge there were only two makeup items this month- the lip gloss, and the eyeshadow.  However it is important to note, that they cater to all aspects of beauty-- the only company I know of right now that's ever done an ALL MAKEUP bag is MyGlam.  Be aware that you likely won't get ALL makeup if you choose to join, before complaining!

6.  Yeah, their server crashed and some people had a hard time getting through to the site on their opening day.  Lots of people got upset, but honestly, if you want to join a company the DAY they launch, you can't expect absolute perfection.

7.  A lot of the choices for samples were things that were just offered within the last month in TestTube and BirchBox.  The Chella eye mask was in the TestTube I just received in the mail a few days ago, and the LaRocca scrub was in November's Birchbox.  Although these are unique and not well known products, it would be nice if the companies could track each other a little better and not offer the same samples within the same month or two. 

1.  Beauty Army claims to be affiliated with a lot of important names in the industry:  Victoria Stiles, Orlando Santiago, Jon Hennessey, and Kim Bosso.  However, I have never seen any posts on their Facebook, or any videos anywhere online where they have promoted Beauty Army or seemed involved in the launch of the company at all.  I could be mistaken, but I really don't know if they are truly involved.  I would love to see YouTube videos where they talk more about the company and do some tutorials.  

2.  It is unclear on the website if you are able to opt out for a month, because I don't see a button for it.  If you can opt out, that should be at the top of the FAQ list, because that's one of the most important questions somebody joining this service would have.

3.  It's unclear if the same samples will continue month by month, or if there will be a lot of different ones to choose from. Some companies offer that you'll never have the same samples to choose between twice.  It will be interesting to see next month's selections.

4.  Who is Lindsey, the founder?  I have rarely heard anything about the founder, EVER!  Would love if she could write a blog introducing herself and why she started the company.

5.  Are they going to make their blog more active?  I would love it if they kept it up like Birchbox, with new posts daily.  

Well, that's my soapbox.  Would love to hear if anyone else has initial thoughts on this company!  I'll be excited to get my "kit" and share with everyone how I feel about the products.


  1. I will have to check them out, thanks for lettin me know about this company!

  2. You are so welcome! I'll be sure to post stat as soon as I know how much I like the products!



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