InTruBeauty: 69th Golden Globe Awards Makeup & Fashion

Sunday, January 15, 2012

69th Golden Globe Awards Makeup & Fashion

Here is a quick post on some of the looks and trends we were seeing on the red carpet for the 69th Golden Globe awards.

1. Dark dramatic eyes. A lot of browns, taupes, and nude/tans on the eyes
2. Gym hair: the slicked back/wet hair look
3. Emerald dresses and jewelry.
4. Bright red lips
5. Dramatic smokey eyes paired with a nude or soft pink lip
6. Hair down laying to one side or up in a loose wavy look with hair falling down lower to one side.
7. Classic brunettes embracing the dark side. I didn't see a lot of medium brown hair, although with some exceptions (Amanda Peet). Most of the women with darker brown hair seemed to be going darker. Like Jessica Biel.  
8. Silvery/white/neutral colored dresses. Many in a very flowy romantic style
9. Mermaid dresses
10. Fancy headbands

My fave hair look of the night: Nicole Richie

I also love that when asked about her hair she said it was done by Sauve Professionals.

Coolest Dress: Dianna Agron

Best eyes: Emma Stone

Most Flawless looking face: Evan Rachael Wood

Best Necklace: Freida Pinto

Best Smokey Eye: Rooney Mara

I love how she pairs this eye with slicked back hair, no jewelry and a black dress. I think she looks just stunning.

Best nails: Zooey Deschanel 
I've wanted to mimic her hair before, but not sure if I can pull off the full bangs, especially with a colic right in the middle....not a cute look!

Timeless beauty & best female empowerment speech: Meryl Streep
(Natalie Portman looks stunning as always, but I actually still think Meryl outshines her)

Cutest look: Michelle Williams 
Oh Michelle, I've loved you since Dawson's Creek days. :)

I think my overall fave look was Rooney Mara. She is just stunning. I need to get out and see Girl with the Dragon Tattoo....umm and finish the book too!!

What was your fave red carpet look?


  1. Ooh I love this post! Rooney Mara's look is amazing! Not wearing jewelry at all is almost more striking than wearing it, because nobody expects that. Were the awards for best makeup, etc, your assessments or was that something that was actually voted on?


  2. No, they were my own little awards! Since I know all the major celebs read this :)


  3. Love this blog! I was hoping to see some commentary about the Golden Globes from you. Rooney Mara looked FANTASTIC and you need to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.



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