InTruBeauty: 69th Golden Globe Awards Makeup & Fashion

Sunday, January 15, 2012

69th Golden Globe Awards Makeup & Fashion

Here is a quick post on some of the looks and trends we were seeing on the red carpet for the 69th Golden Globe awards.

1. Dark dramatic eyes. A lot of browns, taupes, and nude/tans on the eyes
2. Gym hair: the slicked back/wet hair look
3. Emerald dresses and jewelry.
4. Bright red lips
5. Dramatic smokey eyes paired with a nude or soft pink lip
6. Hair down laying to one side or up in a loose wavy look with hair falling down lower to one side.
7. Classic brunettes embracing the dark side. I didn't see a lot of medium brown hair, although with some exceptions (Amanda Peet). Most of the women with darker brown hair seemed to be going darker. Like Jessica Biel.  
8. Silvery/white/neutral colored dresses. Many in a very flowy romantic style
9. Mermaid dresses
10. Fancy headbands

My fave hair look of the night: Nicole Richie

I also love that when asked about her hair she said it was done by Sauve Professionals.

Coolest Dress: Dianna Agron

Best eyes: Emma Stone

Most Flawless looking face: Evan Rachael Wood

Best Necklace: Freida Pinto

Best Smokey Eye: Rooney Mara

I love how she pairs this eye with slicked back hair, no jewelry and a black dress. I think she looks just stunning.

Best nails: Zooey Deschanel 
I've wanted to mimic her hair before, but not sure if I can pull off the full bangs, especially with a colic right in the middle....not a cute look!

Timeless beauty & best female empowerment speech: Meryl Streep
(Natalie Portman looks stunning as always, but I actually still think Meryl outshines her)

Cutest look: Michelle Williams 
Oh Michelle, I've loved you since Dawson's Creek days. :)

I think my overall fave look was Rooney Mara. She is just stunning. I need to get out and see Girl with the Dragon Tattoo....umm and finish the book too!!

What was your fave red carpet look?


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