InTruBeauty: 2012 SAG Awards Fashion & Beauty Trends

Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 SAG Awards Fashion & Beauty Trends

1. Edgy black looks 

2. Muted tone downed neutrals

She also had another trend on which was sparkly details and add ons

3. Vibrant colors: Red, Blues, Pinks, Greens

4. Loose Curls and Swept back curls 

5. Hair up with sparkly earrings & Braided Updos

Leave a comment if you want Justina to re-create Dianna Agron's hair look for you. I love this!!

My favorite and most surprising look of the night was: Ashlee Simpson

Yours in Beauty, and SAG Awards fashion, 



  1. Wow if you're volunteering me for that look you may need to be the model...that looks too intricate to do on myself without my arms giving out. I totally agree with your Ashlee Simpson comment, she looks great, and in an unexpected way I think it's because she has finally grown up and she has found a great, sophisticated look for herself.

  2. My hair may be too short. It would be awesome on Jenny!

  3. Ashlee Simpson surprised me with her look. She looks fantastic, better than she's looked in years! I love all the loose curl hair styles and braids. Diana Agron's hair is beautiful but it definitely seems like a tricky hair-do... I want to see if Justina can recreate it, if not on herself than someone else!



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