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Friday, January 6, 2012

15 Makeup Essentials!

Hey everybody, once again I have an AWESOME video link by AndreasChoice where she outlines all the makeup essentials.  I'll list them below in case you don't want to watch!!

1.  Foundation- the perfect one for you and your needs.  Tinted, oil free, moisturizing, etc.  Keep receipt in case it's not the perfect color!

2.  Concealer- mineral, creamy, liner, etc.  Bridge of nose, eye area and chin- anywhere with darkness.  Apply it!

3.  Translucent powder.  What's the point of foundation if you don't set it with powder?  It comes with her everywhere.

4.  Chapstick. Her EOS looks just like mine- full of dog chewy marks!

5.  Lip stain.  It's perfect to take with everywhere and it's two in one- stains your lips to look naturally pink and you can use it on your cheeks too.

6.  Lipstick.  Nude, red, and pink at all times.  Same with liner- need matching ones.

7.  Liner pencils.  NEED white and black for sure.  Black for tightline, white for waterline.  Brown is nice too.

8.  Clear, color free gloss.

9.  BIG thick black bra for your face (voluminous mascara).  And a thin one for the days you want to go natural.

10.  Matte blush, don't necessarily need shimmery ones.  Matte is great for day and night.

11.  Bronzer- don't NEED a shimmery one, but matte is great for day and night!  Bronze makes you look so hot!

12.  Liquid liner.  Can't get the job done with pencil liner alone.  Need it to wing out lines and be precise.

13.  Favorite palette.  Dark, blue, neutral, etc.  2 palettes at all time- a big one for home, and a small one that is purse friendly (like a quad)

14.  Primer for face and one for eyes.  Everything you just bought for your face is going to stay, show up better, last longer, etc.  These come at all price points!

15.  Stick them all in an enormous makeup bag!!

I love Andrea, and even though this wasn't my blog post per se, I take her word as totally being legit in every way, so if she thinks it, so do I!  These are the essentials yo!

Yours in Beauty, Justina


  1. Let's see your 15 (or whatever number you come up with) beauty essentials next!

  2. sounds good, i will definitely have to do one like that!!


  3. Don't you love AndreasChoice? I'm obsessed with her videos!

  4. Yes, but we want to see more of you! :)

  5. Thanks! I am working on some videos as we speak! I love sharing things of mine with you guys, but I just can't resist if I see someone else doing something awesome.



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