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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wedding Planning Season= Hit Christmas Clearance

Just want to remind all you DIY savvy brides, that this is PRIME TIME for picking up decor and odds and ends for your wedding party.  No matter your color or theme, you can usually work in metallics to your wedding- silvers, golds, etc.  After Christmas sales are a wonderful time to pick up gold tea lights, silver table runners, white twinkle lights, and other tiny little favors (this time of year they are disguised as stocking stuffers).  There are lots of beautiful vases and candelabras on sale at most home stores right now too.  What you need to do is close your eyes and think outside of the Christmas clearance aisle and think of what these things could become for your wedding.  We did a lot of shopping for these types of things right after holiday sales.  And so should you!  

Here are some examples:
Plain ornaments- easy to find in any color, or in assorted colors.  If you are having a fall or winter wedding, or a NYE wedding, these would look beautiful stacked in a decorative dish.  Especially once the new year hits, these puppies will be on sale for 80% off and more.  

LED Lights- you can easily string these up for some beautiful decor for your evening reception.  These work beautifully year round.  Our venue had them hanging!  Don't just think of these as Christmas time lights (unless you are thinking of the multi colored ones) but getting these in plain white or yellow make a wonderful decoration year round!

Tape- Most stores will have an abundance of this stockpiled everywhere.  It's generally hard to get tape in more than a two pack unless you're at Sam's Club, but this time of year you can get rolls upon rolls for cheap.  We used a ton of tape at our wedding.  It's helpful for securing things the way you want them to be, like if you have a bunch of little tchotchkes on display.

Grooming kit- These things are very popular this time of year because they make great stocking stuffers.  I personally love grooming kits.  You know who else would love them?  Your bridesmaids as a little throw in gift for your wedding.  Or you can do like I did, and put one of these in the bathroom, in case someone needs to use something out of it at your wedding.  You know what drives me nuts?  Being three hours from home at a wedding and getting a hangnail.  I can't be the only one!  

I never see it except for Christmas time, but many stores right now have lotion and body wash sets on sale.  I always see this with perfume and lotion paired up, but generally not with other bath products.  Anyways, they're packaged really cute and at least 20% off right now, depending on where you look.  These would make very sweet gifts for bridesmaids, or if you're throwing a wedding shower, or crap, a baby shower even, these would make great party favors or door prizes.  I just bought 8 door prizes for a baby shower at JCPenny's yesterday and it cost me $15.  Hooray for great deals!

These beautiful tapered candles are on clearance at many stores right now but would look great on the head table!  They are a little tall for most peoples' taste to be on your guests' tables at the reception, but they make a gorgeous statement on the head table, or perhaps.

Happy Wedding Planning!
Yours in Beauty, Justina

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