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Monday, December 26, 2011

Video Editing for Dummies, by a Dummy

Hey everyone!

I am trying my first crack at video editing.  The hubby is helping me, but I'm mostly trying to do this myself.  If I have to learn, I might as well not have my hand held, because then when it comes time to do it myself (and/or teach Jessica) I'm still not going to know what's going on.

As far as I can tell, this is what you need to do to download videos and prep for video editing:

1) Get a high quality video camera.  I recommend the one by Logitech that we use when we do our Youtube videos at Jessica's house.

2) Download "TubeSucker" program.  Basically, you can take ANY public video from Youtube (that means you gotta record it, then publish it, etc. before you start editing) and save it to your computer using that program.  All the video editors, free or not, want you to have the video saved on your actual computer before you can use it.  I set up my TubeSucker account to save everything I do there to a folder labeled "TruBeautyGems".  This is a little time consuming, but I have only been waiting for about 15 minutes. I'm just impatient.  Usually when my computer tells me that I will be downloading for 15 minutes, it'll start out slow, then end up finishing in 2 minutes- however with TubeSucker, it really takes exactly how long it tells you it's going to.

3) Go to and check out your different options for video editing.  I tried the cartoon one last night- GoAnimate- and today I'm trying Magisto as well as some others. It's video editing in one click.  I'm going to use the same video clip and edit it a few different ways to show ya'll what can be done with different programs.

Magisto:  This seems super easy.  Once TubeSucker was done, I was able to very easily download my video from the file folder.  You can download several video clips, since it edits it for you by only taking the "exciting" parts.  I also got to choose my own music among several different options.  My YouTube video was originally about 10 minutes long, and once I tried uploading it on to Magisto, it took about 2 minutes.  Annoyingly, once it was done with its 2 minutes, it told me to go hang out for a while and it would email me when the little elves were done preparing my video clip.  WTF!  I want it now!!!

Finished product:

Yikes...that was really bad.  I waited for over an hour for that, and it really really sucked.  Guess Magisto is not for beauty bloggers!  I think I'll stick with the video editing software where you actually have to do some work yourself.  What a bummer!

SpotMixer:  This one is very self explanatory.  I literally went to and clicked directly on SpotMixer.  It asked me to upload a video, and I already had it on my computer, thankfully, from TubeSucker.  This one was a little tedious like Magisto too, but I'm starting to realize I'm just going to have to wait and chill out while they download.  I was always wondering why on BeautyBroadcast Emily always said she waited all day for her videos to download.  Now I know!  Ok anyways, it took a while to upload, then it took a while to "commit" but once both of those happened, it said my video had no media and asked if I'd like to download some pictures.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any pictures specifically taken for my video, but I did upload a couple from other tutorials we have done.  Instead of making it a video specific to one thing like mine had started out as, I made it a more general video.

Here are some tips and things I noticed while using SpotMixer:
1.  Watch your video on YouTube first, and determine what parts of the video you want to use- then write down the minutes, seconds, etc so you know EXACTLY what to use to the second.  Example- Start time could be 4:55 and end time 6:01 from your clip.

2.  This would be a great program to use when you are trying to splice together short video clips with text slides and photos.  I have yet yet figure out if you can do a voice over with the pictures.

3.  You can't put any captions on your pictures if you plan on posting to the internet (duh, why would you go through all that work and not share it?!) unless you want to pay $$ or buy a DVD of the finished product.

4.  This is one of the most user friendly video editing sites I've used thus far.  It's a bonus that it's free, but I really want to do voice overs because many contests don't allow you to use ANY sort of music in your video.

Finished product:

XtraNormal and GoAnimate:  These are both extremely easy to use, but there are a few things that throw a wrench in it for me.  Let's start with the good:  It's basically free, and good for a "public service announcement" type message.  Also, these movies upload pretty quickly, and since you control everything you have them say by typing it, you don't need to do another photo edit.  This is just kind of a fun thing.  Bad:  In the type of blogging we do, it's kind of worthless unless you just want to leave a message for your fans.  I can't show you any products or REALLY do a review on something using cartoon characters and not being able to actually show you anything.  Also, only a couple different characters are free, the rest cost money.

I did a GoAnimate cartoon yesterday, and I was going to do an XtraNormal, but opted not to, because just by choosing my characters and not even writing anything I had already taken up a ton of the space that's alloted to you before you have to start paying.  LAME!  Also, you kind of get the gist of it from the cartoon the other day.

WeVideo:  Thank you baby Jesus. This one is uploading super quickly which is divine because I am losing patience quickly.  This one seems to work a lot like SpotMixer, except for have more free features.  This one does voice over!  That seems to be the biggest difference according to the video that tells me what to do, however once I started trying to work with this one I immediately wanted to rip all my hair out.  FAIL!!!!!

Final product= nothing.

Yikes...I think my favorite one I tried today was SpotMixer.  What do you use?

Yours in Beauty, Justina

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