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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Unrealistic Claims in Ads

Hello Ya'll,
I just wanted to share with everyone a very disappointing article I stumbled upon.  If you don't want to read it, I'll give you the 411.  It's about Taylor Swift's ad for CoverGirl mascara.  Directly below her picture, it says "lashes enhanced in post production."
You can barely read the print, in the lower right hand corner of the screen.  I wouldn't have seen it at all if I wasn't looking for it.  But you know what...I am fully confident that EVERY mascara ad is guilty of this.  I am a firm believer that all mascara ads use fake eyelashes to enhance the model's lashes before putting the product on.  But let's be real...once you use falsies, the mascara part doesn't even matter!  It doesn't matter at all what you swipe on your lashes once they're already huge, full, voluminous, and perfect with the aid of a fake set. 

Here are a few other suspect ads.  What do you think- did they enhance the lashes in these ads too?  If not, I want to get my hands on whatever steroids they're injecting into these lashes, because it's out of control!

This is insane and completely unrealistic in every way that a mascara or any sort, drugstore, department store, etc, would be able to produce this as a result.  Not only am I certain that she is wearing fake lashes on the top AND bottom lashes, but I'm sure this was also digitally enhanced as well.

Could you imagine if two swipes of your every day mascara ACTUALLY made your lashes look like life changing it would be!!

This is one of the most outrageous ads I've seen.  I own this mascara, and it does nothing NEAR this result for me.  It's a decent mascara, albeit a little bit flaky, but the results are not anything like pictured.  I have extremely long and thick eyelashes and I can't get a result like this out of my Voluminous Lashes.

So come on mascara companies!  We're sick of being lied to!  We know the only true way of knowing how a mascara is going to perform is to go out and try it or read a beauty blog.  Why spend all the time and money on an ad, and not actually showcase your product?  

Here are a few mascara ads that are a little more realistic.  By realistic, I mean, I feel confident that without the use of any lash products besides said mascara, I could achieve a similar result as the ad:

After finding both of these pictures, I actually read online that these ads came under fire also, for excessive photo shopping!  It seems that many ad companies will lighten areas around the nose and mouth, darken eyebrows, and clean up the make up job where it may look uneven.  I do believe that both of these ads are featuring foundation as their ad and not mascara- which would explain why they didn't put 3 inch lashes in their ad.

I alternate between many different types of mascaras.  Would you like to know some of my secrets for getting long, voluminous, lashes?

1.  Vaseline!  Put a little on your brows to slick them into place, and a little on your lashes to help them strengthen and grow, or use it as a glossing agent when you don't feel like mascara.

2.  Take a bobby pin, tweezers, or your finger (don't jab yourself!) and use it to separate your lashes if they clump together.  Sometimes I rub my finger along my lashes and wiggle it back and forth if I think I got some clumps in there.

3.  Mascara looks best when the surrounding makeup is clean.  If you make a mess, use a q-tip and water or makeup remover and swipe up the mess.

Here are a few pics of me wearing my new favorite mascara, Rimmel's Scandaleyes- I'm wearing it on my left eye and am going without any mascara on my right eye.

You can even tell which set of eyelashes has mascara when my eyes are closed!

Unless indicated, Jessica and I never wear false eyelashes in our blogs.  I think to date, we have done one look with false eyelashes.  This is practically unheard of among beauty bloggers, but there are many reasons why we don't do it.  They're expensive-- even at $1 a pair from the dollar store, who has money for that?  Also, they're not practical for every day use.  Sometimes, I have 2-3 minutes to get ready in the morning, and fake eyelashes don't work their way easily into that routine.  Plus, with great mascaras like Scandaleyes by Rimmel, and some of the other great mascaras we've noted, who needs falsies anyways?

Here are a few more pictures of my lashes with JUST the aid of mascara, no other products.  I do use Vaseline on my lashes and brows to help them grow, but that is all:

Yours in Beauty, Justina


  1. I knew these ad's were enhanced, who didn't there is no way a mascara would give lashes a look that outrageous. Companies completely false advertise.

    Also Your lashes look great in the last picture!!

  2. Agreed I've always wonder how they got their lashes so large! Then I finally found out today that they were just lying! Ecspecially in the "Falsies" Mayballiene commercial.

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