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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tricks of the Trade- Scott Barnes

I was in Barnes and Noble today taking a break from Christmas shopping, and I thought I'd check out some beauty books.  I've been really into educating myself lately on what the best products are, at whatever price point they may be.  I've been buying a ton of makeup whenever I can, and I did finally finish my Christmas shopping, so I wasn't into buying beauty books right now, but I can definitely see that popping up on my wish list after the holidays.  I am of the mindset, however, that if you spend money on a cup of coffee while you're there, you are free to browse to your little heart's content.  And browse I did...

My first book that I perused was called "About Face" buy Scott is a collaboration with Jennifer Lopez and mostly covers facial contouring and many different looks you can achieve.

My favorite things that I read about today:

A Maybelline Pencil is a favorite of many makeup artist for use as both eyeliner and for shaping eyebrows.  To quote the book, here is what they say you should do to soften this for the best look:
"Simply take a cigarette lighter and wave the pencil through the flame a couple of times to soften it.  When the tip gets clumpy, it's at the right temperature (still slightly warm) and you can use it like a crayon for a charcoal-like effect.  You can always draw on your hand first if you're worried that it might be too hot.  It will look more like coal.  Not only does this technique provide a soft lining effect, but also the makeup cools down inside your eye, which means it stays put once applied."

Although they do recommend Maybelline as being the best of the best, I don't have any on hand to experiment with, but I have a hunch that this trick will work just fine with the other eyeliner shades I have.  I'm hoping that this will yield the smoky, melted right on (literally) sultry look that I am imagining.

He also lists some of his beauty essentials in his book.  I will share them with you below along with my commentary in purple right after it!

  • Airbrush and liquid foundation to achieve even coverage- upwards of $200 for the supplies.  At this point in my life, I do feel this would be a waste of my money because on a day to day basis, I may have 20 minutes to my makeup.  I feel like airbrush makeup would be a whole new ball game and take even more time.  However, if I was a professional newscaster or model and needed to be in pictures or on TV for my job, that would be a reason to look into that.
  • Blushes- One cream and one powder- one should be a soft rose or peach, and the other more dramatic.  I am intrigued by the idea of dramatic blush!  Let me know in the comments if any of you use dramatic blush and send me a picture!  I usually wear mine in a very natural way, with some bronzer over top.  I guess my cheeks are not a feature I usually think to even highlight!
  • 5 brushes- makeup brushes are the tool of choice for application.  Totally agree with the brush method of applying makeup.  The first time I ever tried applying foundation with a brush, I got a million compliments on it.  I still apply with my fingers sometimes, but I definitely keep a mental note when a lot of people say "Hey your makeup looks great today!"
  • Cigarette lighter- for warming Maybelline liner.  I had heard of getting your eye pencil really close to the bathroom lightbulb, and I have tried that before too.  The whole idea of passing something that's going to be on your eye through a FLAME! scares me a little.  But I will try it tonight and get back to ya'll.  Excited!
  • Contouring foundation, which happens to be cheaper than plastic surgery.  I'm a little skeptical about using a ton of contouring foundations.  See the pics below for how crazy it looks.  Also, I doubt he's really against plastic surgery.  Some of his models have lips bigger than my whole face!

  • Eyedrops like Naphcon-A for masking red eye and for red spots and pimples.  Definitely a fan of the eyedrops!  I have a ton of bottles everywhere.  I will have to check Walgreens for this stuff next time I'm  there!
  • These six eye shadow shades that work on all skin tones- brown, black, smokey gray, beige, mustardy yellow, and burgundy.  These are the basics, and they can be expanded on.  If you have a professional makeup artist working on your face like this guy, I'm sure any color could be phenomenal on your skin tone.  However, I disagree that the average woman can pull off all these shades without a lot of training.  Mustard yellow is a very pretty color on the lids, but is not for everyone.  Also, burgundy has a lot of red in it and could bring out the ruddiness in your skin.  Again, I've seen makeup artists make an Asian woman look like Britney Spears, so I have no doubt that it's possible for every woman to look great in these shades.  Just, be careful!
  • A black and a brown Maybelline eye pencil, they are classic and can be used in many ways. 
  • Eyebrow razor and mini comb for grooming your brows!
  • False eyelash adhesive- he prefers Duo brand.
  • Eyelash curler by Shu Uemura ($19).  I still love my $1 E.l.f. one!  
  • A light facial moisturizer to soften skin and get rid of dry patches.
  • False eyelashes- individual and strips.  Worth the investment for going out, but not for every day, unless your career involves being on camera or in HD pictures, then I say they should be part of your daily routine.
  • Foundation- some that matches skin, and some in a darker shade.  You can mix to get the best match for your skin, or use for contouring.
  • Highlighting concealer- secret ingredient for creating "the glow."  
  • Hydrating mask.  My picks are Boots Hydrating Mask or Clinique's Moisture Surge!
  • A lip liner in a nude or a flesh tone. I have read before that just about any brand of lip liner works the same, and that the only shade you will ever need is nude, or one that matches your lips.  You can do a bright lip, a dark lip, red lip, ANY lip with a nude pencil.  You totally don't need to splurge on a bunch to match every lip shade you own.
  • Luminizing mist
  • Black mascara
  • Powder puffs for your translucent powder
  • Sheer lipgloss
  • Shimmer highlight for use on cheekbones
  • Translucent powder. Clinique carries a great one that lasts forever!  
  • Tweezers

Another tip he had during the book were divulging the 3 key ingredients for skin care protection- zinc, titanium, or mexoryl.

Sun protection= important!!!!!  Wear SPF on the daily.  Even living in WI, and even in the winter, it's still important. 

In general, everyone should get their skin checked once a year, regardless of their age.

After spending a lot of my teenage years laying in a tanning booth, this is one that I'm totally taking seriously now.  I have had several moles biopsied, and so far I'm in the clear.  But you never can be too careful!

Yours in Beauty, Jessica and Justina

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