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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This is Just Not Right!

Okay, so I try to keep my personal opinion of companies (not necessarily products) off of this blog, but I just came across these pictures and they were very disturbing to me. My brother is getting married and I am a bridesmaid in his wedding. I was looking at the Vera Wang White collection at David's Bridal. She has bridal dresses and bridal party dresses at David's Bridal now. I was shocked at the model they chose for these dresses. To me it sets an unhealthy and unattainable standard. I think she is just too darn skinny, disturbingly so. I like Vera Wang, but this is just unsettling to me.

This model looks extremely unhealthy and sick. You unfortunately wouldn't be shocked to see this type of model on a high fashion runway or shoot, but for bridesmaid dresses? Really? As if we as bridesmaids don't already feel self conscious enough wearing matching dresses and having everyone stare at us and take pictures...well us and the bride of course ;)

I think this is a real wag of the finger to Vera Wang.

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  1. Congratulations to your brother I am getting married in June. I went with Bari Jay dresses affordable and really cute. However, the bridesmaids dress standards are ridiculousness!! All my bridesmaids had to order dresses several sizes larger then what they actually wore. One of my girl's was a size 2/4 and had to purchase a size 10!! It's crazy!! Make sure you post a picture of you in the final dress!! :o)

  2. Absolutely disgusting. Models this skinny should never be in ads, but like you said, it's one thing at a high-fashion runway show, but for bridesmaid dresses for the average woman? This is not the type of images I want to see. Did you hear how H&M was using computer generated bodies for models in their latest ads? They'd stick a real woman's head onto a fake "perfect" body. Advertisers take it too far, they're supposed to be selling to real women but they refuse to show a real woman!

  3. I did hear that J. How truly sick and sad. As if women don't already have enough body image issues. I feel very sorry for the younger girls too who are completely inundated by these images.

  4. You should do a bridesmaids dress post with a conglomeration of all the different dresses you've ever had to wear, and label it 27 dresses! LOL. I would love to see pics of you guys in all your bridesmaids dresses and tell us who the designer was, etc. Would be a super fun post once you have your wedding section started.



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