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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ten 10 Minute Tips, Tweaks, and Tidbits

Hello!  Now that it's nearly the holidays, hopefully you have a few days off!  Even if you don't, maybe you have 10 minutes free that you could use to give yourself a little pep in your step.  Ready...go!

1.  Want to change your whole look around?  Flip your bangs to the other side.  I ALWAYS get my bangs trimmed to be worn to the side OR straight across.  I specifically ask they be cut in a way that's versatile to my changing moods.  You can get your bangs to do what you want by training them with a bobby pin while you get ready.  "Training" them is basically putting your bangs to the side, and tightly securing them to that side with your bobby pin.  Spray them with some firm hold hairspray, and hopefully within 20 minutes, they get a hint and stay that way without the bobby pin.  If you're blow drying hair, blow dry your bangs first ALWAYS- brush to the side while you are drying them.  If you're styling them in the front, just pull down on the pieces as they are drying.

2.  Tweeze your brows!  Don't thin them out- it's in style for them to be a little fuller.  Just clean up the middle area between your brows and any strays.  And make it fun with some of these awesome tweezers from Sally's-- love 'em!

3.  Whiten your teeth!  A dentist friend once told me, if your dentist advertises it, it's safe, otherwise skip it!  Given how easy at home whitening is, skip getting them done professionally, and do them at home.  I always see ads in the dentist's office for Crest Whitestrips and I use those.  If you remember them from when they first came out, they were slimy, ooey-gooey, and messy.  I urge you to try them again!  They now come in a formulation that bonds to your teeth, making it an easy, non messy process!  I like to stick them on right before I go in the shower, then keep them on through my getting ready process.  I pull them off, brush my teeth, then do my lipstick, and I'm out the door.  Just remember- stop whitening when your teeth are as bright as the whites of your eyes- if they get whiter, they look like chiclets!

4.  Get a spray tan (or DIY from a tube).  I LOVE spray tans.  Most salons will have color options- light, medium, or dark.  I always choose medium in the winter and dark in the summer.  It gives you a great glow and is healthy for the skin.  My salon has a special booth that dries you off after, and you can opt to get sprayed with age defying moisturizer along with the tan!  How cool is that?!  I'm going to get one for New Year's also because I want to get my glow on.  I'll be sure to post a look.  Also- note that spray tans are a little pricier than a tanning bed.  I have 2 thoughts on this- 1) My tanning salon offers a monthly package so you can get them at a great price which is only slightly more expensive than bed tanning, and 2) Imagine how much you'll be spending on your wrinkles and skin cancer in 10-15 years if you go the cheaper, unhealthy route.  Right, Snooki?

5.  Change your part- One of the cutest ways to sexify your 'do.  My favorite part?  I like to do a messy one.  The easiest way to do this is leave your part as is once you get out of the shower- if your hair is already dry, take the edge of a comb and mess up your current part.  It should take 20 seconds, tops, otherwise it'll look intentional.  And the zig-zag?  That was SO 2004, but it could always make a come back!

6.  Just style a few strands- I read magazine a few years ago where Katie Holmes was interviewed stating that she only flat irons the pieces that need it and leaves the rest.  I follow her advice- RARELY, unless I have a lot of time on my hands, do I ever style every strand.  Take a claw clip, and use it to section your hair.  I like to curl a few pieces per section.  Use heat protectant first, and a light hold hairspray after.  I also like to top off any look with MoroccanOil Glimmer Spray.

7.  Exfoliate lips- I love C.O. Bigelow exfoliator, which I purchase from Bath and Body Works.  It has the most glorious peppermint smell, and does a great job sanding down my lips and making them baby smooth.  Once complete, top it off with my new favorite lip balm, by Neosporin.

8.  Gather your broken jewelry and shove it all in a small handbag or clutch.  Once every couple weeks, I take my bag of broken (or just boring) jewelry and bring it to the local bead shop.  I once had a vintage style necklace made out of all these different pearls connected together.  I broke it, and thought I'd never get to wear it again.  A year later, I got the idea I should take it in.  It looks awesome now!  Any differences in the jewelry then and now just adds character.  I think I paid $2 including beads and labor and now it's once again in my daily rotation.  My jewelry purse has spare earrings, broken necklaces, and random strings of beads.  If I can't fix them, I remake them into something new.

9.  Whip out your Clorox wipes and do a once over of your bathroom.  Deep cleaning the bathroom always seems to take forever, but I always feel better getting ready in a freshly cleaned space.  Clearing off the sink top just takes a minute.  I do the sink, the mirror, and clean the toilet lid, seat, and base when I do my quick Clorox spot cleans.  Ideally, you could do the whole bathroom, but when you only have 10 minutes, those 3 places make a huge difference!  It also makes it much easier to navigate around your bathroom while getting ready.

10.  Pull out all your unused stuff and put it in a bucket or tray.  You know that eyeshadow you bought during a haul and used twice?  This is what I mean!  Dig through your makeup and find the products you keep forgetting you have, or the stuff you don't like.  If you don't like it, offer it to a friend.  All my friends love my hand me down stuff (right Jessica?!).  Nobody will be offended that you are offering them used eyeliner, they will be grateful that they have a thoughtful friend who is looking out for them!  If you go the bucket route, put the bucket on top of your makeup storage.

Here's what I have in my bucket at the moment:
- 4 Mary Kay Mineral Eyeshadows purchased 2-3 years ago.  (They're not expired  How do I know?  I swatched them and they feel just like they did when I bought them. See- they're fine!  You know how broke I'd be if I repurchased all my makeup once a year when the companies SAY they expire?!)
-Be fine lip exfoliator (It feels great to use, I just keep forgetting I have it)
-A dried up creaseless cream eyeshadow by Benefit in "Flatter Me"- I'm trying to salvage the last few uses and then it's there to remind me to repurchase it.  Rarely do I ever totally run out of a product because I have so many options in my collection.  I must've loved it!
-A new lipstick I bought- "Pink Chocolate" by Clinique.  I just got a few new ones and don't want this one to get lost in the shuffle.

What beauty ideas do YOU put into action with your spare 10 minutes?  Please share!!

Yours in Beauty, Justina

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