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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Spring 2012 Makeup Collections: Drugstore Edition

Spring 2012 Drugstore Makeup Lines Have Arrived!!!!

My heart is aflutter after stopping at Walgreens and seeing all the new Spring 2012 Makeup lines. So exciting! My wallet really can't handle this right now, but I couldn't help myself. I have been hearing about some of these products from fellow bloggers, but today was the first day I noticed all the new displays up...and they weren't all picked over yet! Although Walgreens has some sales and coupons that start on the 1st, so I may have to go back. Tonight, I treated myself for my NYE to some new products. I will list all the new displays I saw as well. Of course I forgot my phone so couldn't take pictures. This always seems to happen when I need it!

Side note: One of the biggest trends I have seen with the displays (besides lofty claims about long wearing capabilities) is Ombre lips. This is where you use two colors on your lips, typically a very bright color in the inner most part of your lips along with a complementary color. I have seen this mainly with blues, navy or black, purples, oranges and reds. I can see me rocking this look, but in a much less dramatic fashion. I have actually done this with using Lancome Electric Pink in the very inner lip area like as shown below with a pink lip (electric pink is the brightest sparkly pigmented pink lipstick I've ever seen.

***Coupon Update***
Walgreens this week has buy one get one 50% off on: Covergirl (also check newspaper for coupons), L'oreal ($2 coupon in newspapers), Revlon, Cetaphil and St. Ives
Buy one Get one Free: SAMY & Fat Hair
Walgreens Store Coupons: $1 off L'oreal Paris Nail Enamel (new), $1 off Loreal eyemakeup, $1 off Loreal lipcolor, $2 off Loreal face makup, $2 off Neutrogena lip and eye makeup, $2 register rewards on Eos lipbalm
30% off Almay, 20% off L'oreal skincare

I have found Walgreens has the most expensive individual priced cosmetics items compared to Target and Walmart, but with their buy one get one and in store coupons, you will save more overall.

Target: $2 off Maybelline mascara (coupon found online on their site, can print out)

Kmart: Buy one get one 50% off on Covergirl


Maybelline has a ton of new exciting products out. Out of all the drugstore brands, Maybelline is probably the top brand that I own which makes me more likely to purchase new products since I have been satisfied with the others that I own. Here are some of the new ones:

  • Super Stay 14 hour lipstick, $8.99 (19 shades available)
  • Super Stay 10 hour stain gloss, 8.99
  • Color Tattoo 24 hour gel cream eye shadow, 6.99
  • Master precise ink pen eyeliner, 7.99
  • Master shape brow pencil, 7.99
  • Illegal length fiber extensions mascara, 8.99 
  • Dream bouncy Blush, 7.99
Initial impressions: The packaging for the tattoo eyeshadows remind me of any high end packaging, they are in glass (or maybe plastic) jars similar to Benefit's creaseless cream shadows or Estee Lauder's. The colors are extremely bright and vibrant looking. Will these last 24 hours? I doubt it. Who needs eyeshadow to last that long anyways? I did not pick these up because they were all out of the pomegrante color I wanted. I have also had horrible luck with drugstore cream shadows. The initial other blogger reviews I have seen were surprisingly good. However, I have used other products like covergirl shadow + primer that others said were amazing and didn't crease, but ended up horrible on me. 

Maybelline has some lofty standards they have set for themselves. This isn't uncommon for makeup brands to do some major "puffing" or exaggeration and seems to be a very common theme this season. I do not believe a gloss would last 10 hours (although it is a stain gloss) or a lipstick 14 hours. They also came out with a fiber extensions mascara I'm sure as competition for L'oreals False Fiber lashes (which I think is just alright, nothing special).

What I got from this collection:

Color Tattoo in Pomegrante Punk

(was long lasting on my hand, will review after have worn it longer)
The Dream Bouncy Blush in 60 Coffee Cake and 70 Hot Tamale

These really are bouncy. In fact upon first touching it I said outloud to myself  "ooooh fun!". I do question the ability of these to hold up to my urge to play with them. These are so fun and feel great! The concept is a feeling of a lightweight powder that melts into your skin like a cream. I applied these with my fingers. I don't think a blush brush will work very well. A sponge may work as well. It took a little more effort to get some noticeable color from the Coffee Cake one and this does have a nice pink and bronze tone to it. This is a more subtle color. I also normally like to sweep the blush to my hair line and it is much harder to do that with  a cream type blush. I'm going to wait for a buy one get one 50% off sale and pick up the rest! Love these!!!

Bouncy Bouncy!!

Coffee Cake

It is really hard to tell how far down these go without destroying the product. It looks like you get a decent amount of product and if it wasn't for the concept, I would be less likely to drop $8 on one blush, but I'm sure there will be a buy one get one very soon. 

Okay, so L'oreal has one product in particular that I am SO SO SO excited about. These are the 24 hour infallible eye shadows. So glad I picked these up. More on those to come, first I will all the new products.
  • Color Riche nail polish 10 day wear (when paired with their base and top coat), $5.99
    • These come in 4 style lines for your mood and include trend setter, iconic muse, hopeless, and romantic. All of the polishes in trend setter were sold out, so those must be pretty exciting
  • Magic Lumi Primer, 12.99
    • They had a sample one you could use and so I put it on one of my hands. It comes out a light white liquid with a great sheen to it. I rubbed this in and could definitely see what they were talking about. I'm sure thats why they have a tester because once I used it, I wanted it (although all sold out). I compared one hand to the other and my hand with the product on it did look brighter and smoother! It was pretty amazing
  • Magic Lumi Highlight, 12.99
    • Be careful when picking these out, its hard to tell at first, but there are different colors like fair and nude for different skin tones. 
  • Infallible 24 hour eye shadow, 7.99
  • Color Riche Balm, 8.99 
    • Looks like their attempt to compete with Revlon's lip butters 
  • Magic Smooth Souffle Blush, 8.99
    • Looks like their attempt to compete with Maybelline mousse blush (which I love)
  • Infallible rouge lipstick, 9.99 
  • Voluminous smoldering eyeliner, 8.99 
The display at walgreens indicated there would be coupons 1/1-1/28, so look out for those!

What I got from this collection:

 Midnight Blue and Amber Rush

These are essentially loose pigments that are pounded together with this little tool. They are very creamy and moist and don't come apart that easily. They were SUPER easy to apply, I just dabbed my finger in and rubbed it on my lid. I was amazed at how easy the application was. I also tried using an eyeshadow lid brush and a crease brush. The crease brush picked it up much easier, but I think fingers are the way to go for product application. These are also very easily buildable and blendable. 

You can actually layer these and mix them together too. These are some of the most versatile shadows I've ever used. The pigmentation and sheen on these are amazing. There were matte shadows as well. I will update you on the staying power. So far its been about two hours and there has been no creasing or fading. I think the price of $7.99 is reasonable as well. 

Here is an example of how you can play with these colors and blend them together. The possibilities are endless!
 Amber on lid with blue as a crease/outer V color

Left to right: Iced Latte, Eternal Sunshine
Top to Bottom: Iced Latte, Eternal Sunshine

Left to Right: Iced Latte, Eternal Sunshine


  • Colorstay 16 hour eye shadows quads, promises no crease, fade or smudge, 7.49
    • nothing jumped out at me as super excting
  • Gel like shine 11 day nail polish, 7.49 and 7.99
    • Love their nail polishes, will probably try these but they are about $3 more than their regular line
  • Lip butters were finally added to the permanent display!!! I picked up one more color, but Revlon goes on sale buy one get one 50% off at Walgreens on January 1st. $7.49
  • Photoready eye primer brightener, 12.99
  • Photoready perfecting primer, $12.99
  • Photoready airbrush finish mousse makeup, 13.99
  • Photoready 3D volume mascara, 8.99 
  • Gucci Westman collection (these aren't new, but have been hard to find and noticed a new stock today)

Will all of the "photo ready" talk, it makes me think of Smashbox photo finish. I'm assuming that was their intention.  Has anyone tried both? If so, leave a comment with your thoughts. Revlon's spring line was really focused on the foundation and primer lines.They also certainly had quite the celebrity presence.

The only thing that really struck my eye with their Spring collection was the mousse makeup. This looks very intriguing, but for 13.99, I may have to wait to see how the other blogger reviews are :) This is suppose to give you an airbrushed look. I was also super excited to see the lip butters as a permanent display. Most of us are already familiar with these and have been hunting for them. I have a few already, but they have been very hard to find in stock. 

Berry Smoothie
Berry Smoothie Swatch

This is a color that would look great on anyone and these feel so moisturizing on your lips!


  • Blast Flipstick Lipcolor
    • The display in the store showed many different ways to wear this, you can wear alone, with one on top of the other, blended, or ombre style. The gold and red combo looks super pretty but I'm wondering how bold it is on. Also, there are other color options, but I've only seen 2 in stores.
  • Tone Rehab 2:1 Foundation 
  • Lashblast 24 hour mascara
  • Lineblast 24 hour eyeliner
  • Sophia Vergara as their new spokesperson (love her!)

Check out your paper, there are suppose to be coupons for $1 off and $2.50 off of 2 products. Also, these are buy one get one 50% off starting January 1st at Walgreens and you can stack manufacturer's coupons on top of the sale price.

Rimmel London

  • ScandalEyes mascara, $6 range
    • this has the biggest brush! The brush looks very comparable to Dior Show
  • Glameyes HD eye palettes in shape of Union Jack, $5 range
    • Check out English rose which is our fave. The colors are vibrant and very complimentary, but you may need to reach for a smaller brush to get some of the color out.
  • Lipsticks by Kate
    • The red shade is actually very pretty and wearable, I would suggest wearing it with balm as it can be drying. Love the packaging on these puppies too!
Justina is a Rimmel 10 Finalist and voting starts January 3rd, we will update you on voting information!!!

Burts Bees

I love Burts Bees and natural products, so I was intrigued to see "gud" which is made by burts bees. It seems to consist of shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion in various scents. I tried the orange scent and loved it. I found these at the end cap of an aisle.

I also noticed another natural lip balm called Simply Natural. These were $2.49 each or 2 for $4. The site is I hadn't seen these at Walgreens before today, but I'm always looking for affordable good natural products. 

Wet N Wild

I'm super excited to bring you the Spring 2012 collection from Wet n Wild because I bought a lot of it. Their prices are so affordable that you are able to purchase a lot of new products for not much money. I liked the high end look of some of the products like the nail polish and the sizes of the products were amazing for the price. I had been looking for these and almost missed them, they were at the very end of the aisle, not on the back end cap, just at the very end.
  • Megaliner liquid eyeliner in new colors indigo blue and black sparkle, $2.99
  • Mega eyes defining marker 
  • Mega shield lip color, $2.99 (came with $1 off instant coupon on the package)
  • Color icon bronzer, $3.99
  • Megasticks lipgloss, 1.99
  • Juicy lipbalm, 2.99
  • Mega last salon nail color, 1.99
    • the brushes on these are huge. Personally, I mess up more with these brushes
What I got from this collection:

Mega Liner Liquid eyeliner in 860 which is a black sparkle. I was excited to see this because I had my eyes on the Tarina Tarantino black sparkly liquid eyeliner for awhile, but I believe its $18-20 range. T/he Tarantino one does have more noticeable glitter to it, but the wet n wild one will be more wearable for me. This has a very nice thin pointed brush as an applicator, this dried quickly and hours later is still on.

This picture above was hours later and after I rubbed pretty hard over this with another finger. It barely came off at all! This is a great deal for $2.99! The blue color also looked very pretty. 

Mega Shield lip color (spf 15) in Lolly popstar (top) and Birthday suit. 

Juicy lip balm in Raspberry. They also had strawberry and water melon amongst others. I rolled up the full product so you can see you do get a lot of product with this and it is very thick and wide as well. 

Left to right: Lolly popstar, Birthday suit, and balm in raspberry. 

I was actually surprised by the sheen on lolly popstar, if you are not a fan of bright pink lipstick with a bright sheen to it, then this is not for you. I was suprised because it did not look like it would have that much of an impact, but I do really like it. Birthday suit also has a sheen to it, but since this is more of a neutral shade, it will be more wearable for more people. The balm smells great and goes on SUPER creamy feeling.

SPF 15 bronzers in 734A Reserve Your Cabana and 739 Ticket to Brazil 

I was surprised to see the lighter color classified as a bronzer, this looks more like an overall face powder. But since I have light to fair skin and even lighter bronzers are too dark, I decided to give this a try. I first made the mistake of trying to pick this up with my eco tools kabuki and the powder loosened up and made a mess. When I picked this up with my slanted eco tools limited edition kabuki, I had much more luck. So just be careful with the brush you use. This is an extremely light color. I wouldn't say it was a bronzer even for the lightest of skin. I tried to take a picture but it really doesn't show up. I will be using this as an all over powder. It does have a bit of a sheen to it, so it can give you a nice glow. But if you're looking for an actual bronzer, even a light bronzer, this is not for you. 

The Ticket to Brazil bronzer also applied lightly. I think this is a nice bronzer color for lighter skins. This does not really even go on as dark as it would appear. The darkest shade was called Bikini contest I believe, but I did not purchase it. The size of these bronzers are huge!


  • Intense I-color Eyeshadow sticks, $8 
    • These look similar to the dual ended Covergirl sticks (which I hated) and the MAC Shadesticks
  • Smart shade Perfect Correct Primer
  • Almay Clear Complexion Concealer Stick + Treatment Gel
Physician's Formula 
  • Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Cosmeceutical Youth-Boosting Collection
    • Youth-boosting concealer, $12.95
    • Youth-boosting illuminating Foundation, $14.95
    • Youth-boosting illuminating Powder, $13.95
  • Organic wear® 100% Natural Lash Boosting Mascara, $9.95
    • **Look for the "try me free" label on certain packages and go to PF's website for rebate information** 
  • Ph Matchmaker powdered blush and bronzers
  • Ph Matchmaker powdered lip gloss
  • Shimmer strips "Universal looks", $10.95 in the Shadow and Liner and/or the eyeliner trios
  • Kajal eyeliner trios, $10.95

As I just purchased these items today, these are my initial impressions and will follow up with more thoughts later. Have you picked up any of these items? Be sure to comment and leave your thoughts!!

8 hour City proof lip gloss and lipsticks

Big Bold Mascara, new eyeshadows, and show time glitter eyeliner

Smooth Skin Primer and 4 new shades of bronzers (these looks super fun and creamy)

3D Glitzy gloss

Color "In Vogue". The closest dupe I've found yet for L'ancome Electric Pink!!!

Lancome Electric Pink
Milani In Vogue

1. L'oreal infallable eyeshadow!!!
2. L'oreal Magic Lumi Primer 
3. Maybelline bouncy blush

Yours in Beauty, 


  1. Great post!! It was very informative! Now I want to go and purchase all that new stuff!!

  2. Love this post! I know higher-end products can be more luxurious, but I appreciate seeing all of the great makeup that I can find at my local Walgreens, and it's much more in my price range.. I'm tempted to go shopping right now (and I could because they're 24 hours!). I really want to try some of those eyeshadows even if it's much more dramatic than I'd wear.

  3. Love this post, thanks. It makes me want to go out and get some of the new lines!

  4. Awesome, very comprehensive. Now I just need some money to buy some new stuff! Thinking about getting a bouncy blush!

  5. Great post Jessica, very informative! Can't wait to buy out Walgreens!

  6. So excited to try gud, I love burts bees!

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