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Friday, December 30, 2011

Spring 2012 Beauty, Fashion Makeup Trends to Look For

I've been doing some magazine and internet research and with Spring lines and fashion week, there is a lot of buzz about the top trends that are shaping up for Spring 2012. As it is only December, almost January, it seems a little premature, but a lot of the winter makeup is on clearance in the stores along with winter clothes and they're making way for spring. A lot of these trends are from runway looks, obviously in real life only some of these are usable and if you pick one bold trend, go low key with the rest of your lookl

Its a dreary rainy cold day in Wisconsin, so what better to do than think of wonderful spring time! Here are some of the top trends I found.

Makeup, Nail Polish:

  1. Red lipstick. This is sticking around for the spring. The trend seems to be very bright reds. 
  2. Bold brows remain
  3. Magnetic nail polish
  4. Bright nail polish like teals and oranges
  5. Modern cat eyes: draw on two up-ticks not just one, dramatic endings, draw in some lashes, colored liner cat eyes
  6. 60 style cat eyes
  7. Kitten eyes: less dramatic, more cutesy, shorter up-tick
  8. Extreme smokey eyes
  9. White silver metallic on the lid
  10. Doll lashes
  11. Bright pops of color on the lid like yellows, reds, and oranges
  12. Soft rosebud lips
  13. Glitter and eye appliques. Anything artsy goes.
  14. Dramatic navy eyes and very dramatic smokey eyes
  15. Golden sun kissed bronzer on cheeks, not all over
  16. Barely there makeup with glowing skin
  17. Ombre lips: layer shades of bright pinks with purples
  1. High bouncy pony tails 
  2. Blunt bangs
  3. Bobs
  4. Retro hair especially center part 70s style
  5. Slicked back/wet looking hair
  6. Head wraps and scarves 
  7. Side part very slightly covering one eye
  8. Roots/messy "gym hair" or wind blown, free flowing strands out of place
  9. Bold hair colors: think pinks, yellows, silvers, blues and purples (yes I know you're rushing to your salon right now)
  10. Top knots: pull hair high on top of head and make it into a knotted bun
  11. Braids

  1. Bold print 
  2. Clashing prints
  3. Tangerines and orange
  4. Pastel light blue
  5. Color blocking, candy hues
  6. Futuristic prints
  7. Bronze and green metallics 
  8. White crisp tailored clothes, white collars
  9. Safari print
  10. Light pink blazers and suits 
  11. Cinched waists and full skirts, think Betty Draper! 
  12. Sporty looking clothing and headbands, think lots of blacks and whites
Some of these sound perfect for me, I will just leave the house with wet hair and comb it with an egg beater later for my "gym hair" look. Others are continuing trends from fall/winter such as bushy eyebrows and red lipsticks. The top trend seems to be retro baby!

Top Five Mentioned Trends
1. Retro: 20s-70s seem in, but 60s seem to be the most mentioned
2. Bold lips
3. Silver eyes
4. Dramatic smokey eyes
5. Romantic yet free flowing hair, sophisticated yet slightly messy

Any of these you are super excited for? Be sure to comment and subscribe

Yours in Beauty, 

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