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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sinful Color Collection- Polka Dots!

Hello everyone!
We've been loving on Sinful Colors lately since they have so many dupes with we figured, instead of always being the shy little sister in the shadows, why not let Sinful Colors have her very own post!  We love the beautiful shades their "Polka Dots" line has to offer...I personally really like their Nirvana shade which appears on the far left in the picture.  These shades are high gloss, but don't have any shimmer to speak of.  

Not sure where the polka dots name came from, as they are definitely not ready made with polka dots coming off the brush, but I can dig it.  Speaking of polka dots though, let me share my very favorite polka dot picture as of late...

And....on to the nail polish!!!

From left to right:
Nirvana- taupe type color 

Fig- purple/magenta  

Unicorn-lemony yellow

Hazard- coral/ melon

Pink Forever- pink

Innocent- yellow green

Savage- turquoise blue

Why Not- sky blue

Yours in Beauty, Justina and Jessica


  1. Where do you buy Sinful Colors? I've never seen it in stores because I do most of my shopping at Target!

  2. Hey J!
    Sinful Colors is a brand at Walgreens. I haven't seen it anywhere else. I like their shades and quality just as well as OPI although they don't have quite the selection. At our Walgreens, there is a little kiosk around the cosmetics area, and the Sinful Colors nail polishes are close to the floor on the bottom of the kiosk. Sometimes they really hide the good finds! I hope that helps. Everything in their line is $1.99 too except I think some of the ridge fillers and other stuff in their product line is a little more expensive ($1 more or so) Hope that helped!



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