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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve Tag

New Year's Eve Tag!

Nancy-Lee over at FashionCHICsta, created this New Year's Eve tag this week. Thought I'd participate!

I copy/pasted her tag, so if you are interested in doing this tag as well, please be sure to link/credit it back to FashionCHICsta.

When it comes to NYE do you makes plans / reservations or do you just wing it?
It depends.  Since college I have usually made plans for NYE because my college friends all try and get together at least once a year, plus anyone's weddings.  This year I am going to a college friend's party, last year I went to the same party, year before that hung out with my husband (he was my boyfriend at that time), year before that hung out with my Grandpa then last minute rushed downtown for the New Year and the year before I went all out and drank classy expensive drinks in Chicago with my cousin and her boyfriend.  That year I was dating someone who lived far away so I was kind of left to my own devices.  It was still super fun.  I've usually always had a blast on New Year's.  Actually my favorite was probably 3 years ago on NYE when I went to go see my grandpa in the nursing home as a surprise.  I figured nobody would go visit him that day, so I took advantage.  I chatted with him about all the New Year's of his life that he could remember, and he said he loved to go dancing.  That is one of my favorite memories of him to this day.

What are your plans for this New Years Eve?
I'm sending my dog to a luxurious doggy spa and going to see my college friends.  A few of them are town from 10+ hours away and many of them I haven't seen since my wedding.  Going through serious withdrawls!

Whether it's a night on the town or a night in, do you get glam?
I am going out to the party, where we'll stay in.  I do have a cute outfit to wear, a long sleeve printed dress with a tie in the front, leggings, and my new brown boots that tie all the way up the front.  I just packed some really fun makeup and I'm sure I'll get glam (why not!  I'm a beauty blogger!)  If I think of it tomorrow I'll take some pictures of what I'm bringing.  I am horrible at packing, I literally packed my stuff in a beach bag.  I do have one must-have for packing.  I bring my Mary Kay roll up bag with the little velcro pouches every time I go somewhere.  I wanna say I actually have 2 of those bags, that's how much I love them.  I also prepped myself for getting glammed up tomorrow by taking an amazing shower and using Watkins body oil after, and getting my eyebrows waxed today, giving myself a honey facial, deep conditioning my hair, and painting my nails with some new and awesome polish- Sally Hansen One Step Manicure in Commander in Chic.

Do you have any New Years Eve traditions?
Um... lol, drink? Haha! I'm not a lush, but usually my NYE's are for letting loose and enjoying my time out with my friends. I don't really have any traditions though... OH! I guess, one would be getting ready with my BFF - doing our hair and makeup while listening to music and getting pumped up for the night's festivities.

Did you make a resolution entering 2011 and did you stick to it?
HA, I usually make a resolution like "I won't eat any chicken salad sandwiches this year" because I don't do that usually anyways, so it's a safe thing to say I'll stick to.  I honestly can't remember.  

Are you making a resolution(s) for 2012?
I'm kind of against making resolutions, because I think you should always be changing and evolving and bettering yourself ALL YEAR.  I would say I do have a few goals for myself in the new year though.  In my personal life, I'd like to improve my communication and relationship with my husband and work harder at being a better wife.  In my professional life, I'd like to get up to 100 followers on the blog by February 1st, and increase by 50 followers every month.  This has been a great creative outlet for me and a great, healthy, stress releasing project for me to blog so I'd love to continue and see it grow.  In general, in my life, and this is not really a resolution, but I need to improve my health A LOT.  I have a physical in a few days and I already know what my doctor is going to say.  We've been eating like crap in our house and have not been very active at all.  If I could see myself going to the gym 2 days a week as a starting point, and making an honest effort to eat most of my meals at home, and pack myself lunch on the days I work, that would make me really happy.

How do you plan on being successful with your 2012 resolutions?
My husband is done with college now, and so gone are the days when I don't see him at all until 10-11 pm.  Hopefully a lot of our communication issues dissolve just by being around each other more.  That alone will ease a lot of frustration we both have.  As with the blog, hopefully continuing to keep doing what we're doing will prove successful.  We've been on a great path and getting lots of stuff sent to us by different companies, and have won a couple different contests so we must be doing something right!  And the diet and exercise thing is always a work in progress.

Do you get 'healthy' with the New Year?
Like I said, it's always a work in progress!

What was your greatest success of 2011?
Getting married!

Did you learn from a challenge that will make you stronger for the coming year?
Yes, I severed some friendships and purged a lot of negativity out of my life this year.  It was difficult but necessary.  I've also faced a lot of hardships at my job this year, and in my personal life.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

What are you hoping 2012 brings?
A job for my husband, a new work opportunity for me, and hopefully new friends, reconnecting with old friends, and lots more products in the mail!  I'm excited about some of the connections we've created with companies and would love to see 2012 bring more of those.  

Do you kiss at midnight, even if it's a stranger?
Yep!  But it won't be a stranger.  We'll see if my hubby is being nice and has good breath, maybe he'll get lucky at midnight.


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