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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nails of the Day: Three Looks of Silver

Nails of the Day 
I like to change my nails up frequently, but all that removing of polish and adding new polish can cause some damage to your nails. This summer I had painted my nails a different color just about every day and I used many crazy colors which left my nails with a yellowish tint. So, I laid off the polish for a while. 

For this time of year, I am seeing glitter everywhere. There are such pretty glitter nail polish shades out there. I still haven't been painting my nails as much now that I have gotten them a little healthier, but here is a great look that you can try. You can always extend the life of your nails by adding glitter on top. So for this, I had silver nails for a few days, then silver with silver glitter, then silver with pink glitter. Just don't put too many glitter layers on or you will be scrubbing this off your nails for what seems like forever. Glitter polish is pretty much goof proof though. These are great if you messed up the first layer but don't have the patience to start all over. 

This will ensure you don't get bored with your nails and you can easily cover up any chipping or imperfections with the glitter polish. I like my nails to look perfect and change colors often, so this enables me to leave the polish I have on and yet change up the look very quickly. Plus, these are all the rage right now. So enjoy these three looks. I will be doing an entire swatch and review of my Revlon nail polishes, which are one of my favorites! So stay tuned! I will also be blogging about the products I used to get rid of any yellow tint after my polish overload from this summer and products to use to avoid yellowing!

Look #1 Silver Nail by Nicole by OPI in Positive Energy

Look #2, top this with silver glitter OPI Servin' up Sparkle 

Look #3, Add pink glitter on top to change this look for yet another day 
I used Revlon 261 Sparkling

STAY TUNED to see my entire Revlon collection! :)

Yours in Beauty, 


  1. Love this blog! Very pretty. I'm gonna try this for the holidays.

  2. I like the three different looks

  3. How cute is that! Love it.

  4. Pretty! I love all the new sparkly polishes too!

  5. Girrl! I'm lovin those nail polishes! You needa get some of those Hard Candy ones and review those! Revlon is good 2 tho

    Keep up the sweet posts gurlz



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