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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MyGlam Bag January Sneak Peak!

This was the picture that Michelle Phan provided for us in her sneak peak at the January bag for MyGlam!  What could it be?!  Some people have already taken a gander...

Freeman Facial Peel-Off Cucumber Mask
(available at Walmart for $3)

theBalm Hot Ticket nail polish- retails for $8.50 each--
The one shown in the picture appears to be "I'll Pink to That"
Jessica has one of the green shades-  either Jade In the USA or Let's Make a Teal so if you want to know the quality on these she'd be the one to ask.

Sheer Cover Duo Coverup $30 Range
Reviews say that you mix the two colors together to create the perfect match for you!

My thoughts:  A lot of people were complaining on Facebook about how some of the products were "cheaper" and not all makeup products.  Here's my opinion- EVERY person working on their staff- in other words, all 5 stylists- are Youtube beauty gurus.  What that tells me is that they have the heads up on the latest and greatest in beauty at EVERY price.  I've never seen a beauty guru on Youtube that only used high end products.

That said, I'd love to be introduced to a cucumber facial peel that is not only easily accessible to me (Walmart) but also super cheap!  I hope the stuff works great, so replenishing a new favorite can cost me only $3!!

The nail polish- meh, I could live without another nail polish.  However, if it's really good I'll add it to the rotation.  For me, I don't wear nail polish all that frequently on my fingers, but it does grace my toes year round, so at some point in time it'll get some use.  Or I'll gift it.  

The concealer- I could always use another high quality concealer, even if it's just to shove in my purse or put in my glove box of my car for a touch up.

At the end of the day, did we really sign up for these companies to get $50+ in all makeup products for $10/month?  Not realistically.  I signed up so I could have an affordable little treat once a month to look forward to in the mail, and a couple new products to try.  

If you're going to complain about any of your products, I do have a solution for you.  Send us a comment, and we'll private message you back Jessica's business address.  You can send us all of your beauty products you don't like!  We LOVE that idea.  :-P

Yours in Beauty, Justina and Jessica


  1. Just signed up for January!! Super Excited!! I wonder if the bag changes every month or if you are gonna have a bunch of the same bags. I also cancelled my gogogirlfriend account to try My Glam, GGG was very unimpressive!!

  2. I think the bag does change each month. They seem to have a theme and everything in the bag is suppose to work with that look. The bag for January is different than December and is an Eco/green theme. We are very excited!

  3. I can't wait to get my glam bag in January! I too noticed a lot of people complaining about what's possibly in this month's bag, specifically the mask. It's frustrating to see so many people complain because membership is limited and closed right now (I got in just in time to get the January bag). Like you said, it's $10 and it's a little something special to look forward to every month - you can't be too picky at the $10 price!



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