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Monday, December 12, 2011

My Glam December 2011

Jessica's Bag!

If you want to see Justina's bag, and the "Grand Opening" check our YouTube Channel HERE.

Hello everyone!  We will be posting reviews of our Glam bags very soon, once we've given all the products a fair try, but in the meanwhile, we will tell you our initial thoughts on these sweet little bags!

**Update: here is our review video**

Initially, we thought the bags looked either red and white striped, or hot pink and white striped, but we were wrong!  Immediately when you see the bag, you notice that it is a very vibrant purple, with kind of a light silvery pink as the other stripe color.  They are super cute!  They come with a little square mirror, and they are smaller than your average clutch purse.  They are comparable in size to a small pencil bag that students carry for school.

We were so excited that our Glam bags came with the same products, but in different colors.  Everyone that got the bags this month got the eyeshadow color "Sin" by Urban Decay.  It appears on Youtube that everyone got different blush sheet colors.  There were three shades depicted on the packaging.  These are the most far-out product in my mind.  Don't now how much I'll use these in a practical sense in the future, but they are definitely worth a try when I have other resources nearby to clean up a mess I would make on my cheeks!  Hopefully they aren't tricky to use.  Also, everyone appears to have gotten different NYX shades, but all the same formulation- NYX soft matte cream lipgloss.  It is very beautiful, mine is a very vibrant pink and called Addis Ababba.  Jessica's is Milan. I'd be curious to see if everyone will get the exact same products in different colors in future bags too. That would be so cool!  I would love to get the same products as all my friends and get to see all the rad colors they come in!

My Glam is so exciting!  I love the bag, I love my full size product (the eyeshadow...although a few of the other products seem generous if not full sized) and I love that Michelle Phan picked these all out for me.  She is the best makeup guru ever!  I know that if she thought these products were worth a shot, that I will love them all. But I will still give my full review after having tried them for a while, so stay tuned!

My Glam is just $10 a month, and you get the bag, which is also wrapped in the cutest pink foil mailing envelope I've ever seen, plus 4-5 deluxe or full size beauty samples.  It is a monthly service, and one of the latest companies following in the footsteps of companies like Birchbox, and leading the way for companies like BeautyArmy, who is coming out in January.  We are so excited to be part of the beauty revolution!We hope you will subscribe to our channel, leave us some questions on formspring, twitter, and watch our youtube channel.  We have some exciting announcements to make soon, and we are literally dying holding them in...can't wait to share!   Subscribe and you will be one of the first to know all that we do!

And as always, the most important reviewer is Ruckus. Here are some pictures of him enjoying his MyGlam.

Lookin' all proper :)

***Update: And here is a sneak peek of the January bags:***

Can't wait!

Yours in Beauty, Justina and Jessica

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