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Saturday, December 17, 2011

More Nancy Lee Recommendations!

Hey all, did you read my post where I was all super excited about a beauty blogger I discovered through Beauty Army?  If not click HERE and check out her blog site.  I have been loving reading through her pages and checking out some of the great products she recommends.  I would love to subscribe to YOUR blog too so once you subscribe to our page, don't forget to leave us a note so we can subscribe back!

I can't review these products because I haven't tried them, but watch for some reviews in the near future!  These are all very reasonably priced products.  Read more on her page if you want the specific details on how these have worked for her.

Cover Girl Natureluxe SPF 10 Foundation

Cover Girl Blue Boom Liquiline Blast

Cool new way to apply Clinique's translucent powder
Pour some in your hands, and literally "wash" your face with it over the sink.  This works best when using foundation, and specifically one by Clinique.

Cranberry Cream from Clinique's butter shine lipstick line 
Bright and rich, pretty and not edgy  
Allure Magazine considers this a tooth whitening lipstick too!  Who doesn't love that?!

I can't WAIT to wash my face this week...I'll report back soon!!

Yours in Beauty, Justina

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