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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Maybelline Color Sensational Eye Shadows

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Luminizing Eye Shadow Review

I've been eyeing these shadows for a long time, but have just been waiting for a sale. I think $10.99 for a drugstore palette is a little much. This weekend these were buy 1 get 1 50% off plus there was a $2 off Walgreens coupon, saving me $7. And thank goodness because I think these are just okay. I wouldn't ever recommend paying full price for these. These come in 5 different color palettes. For more information check Maybelline's website here.  I also noticed that some of the sheen and shimmer was only on the surface level. I especially noticed this with the Caffeine Rush palette. That was disappointing because you're not getting exactly what you see. These are also very small!

Maybelline Product Description:

Exclusive luminizer combines with pigments for PURE IMPACT,
Exquisite color. Ignited by light. Now explosive eyes are born. 


• Sophisticated color, ignited by an exclusive luminizer, reveals amazing color highlights.
• Explosive pigments sweep on for the truest color payoff. Exclusive luminizer unleashes a surge of color.
• Ophthalmologist-tested. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers


1. Sweep solid shade all over upper eyelid.
2. Apply luminizer on top and extend from lash line to brow bone.

Here is the first one which is Caffeine Rush

top to bottom: Base, Lid, Liner, Topcoat, Crease (no flash)

top to bottom: Base, Lid, Liner, Topcoat, Crease (with flash)

The crease shade which is the bottom shade is the creamiest and the best color payoff with the sparkly topcoat being the best. The top two took a few swipes to even get much of a color that would appear on camera. I'm a little confused by these palettes because the crease shade in both was amazing, highly pigmented, and creamy, but the other shades just didn't match up to that. I found the same thing in the green palette. The Lid shade appeared very shimmery like all the others, but the shimmer was just on the very top layer.

Here is the second one which is Forest Fury 

top to bottom: Base, Lid, Liner, Topcoat, Crease (no flash)

top to bottom: Base, Lid, Liner, Topcoat, Crease (with flash)

I found the same thing with this palette as the browns. The crease color was amazing and was the one that sparked my eye. This is the bottom most color. The glittery top coat is the same in both palettes, but did go on very nicely over these shades. The lime green color was also pretty. The others are losers in my opinion. I also don't think you even need 5 shadows to complete the look they are trying to do. I think this makes it overly complicated and time consuming. This could easily be done in three steps. They do provide instructions that you have to peel to reveal underneath the label.

Overall Review:

I have read other reviews and these and in general people seem to like them. I was disappointed. These look so beautiful in the palette, but I don't think they live up to that on. Overall I like the green one much better, but I'm not as much of a fan of neutrals to begin with. I thought the color selection and shades were good matches for each other and I liked the sparkly overcoat color. I didn't find these to be overly creamy. The color payoff was alright. For $10.99 for one drugstore palette, I don't think its worth it. However, if you   can get a good deal on these like I did or they are on clearance, you might want to check them out. For drugstore, they are okay, but I think a price tag of $10.99 is ridiculous. I would rather save my money to put towards higher end palette or buy a cheaper palette I know is going to be worth the money like some of the Wet N Wild Palettes.

I noticed a ton of fall out with this product. I also noticed that darker green shade that was suppose to be used as a liner was hard to pick up and didn't have as much color payoff as you would think for a dark green color. The crease shade in both is amazing. Great color, great color payoff and creamy. But its not worth $10.99 for one shade. I also liked the glittery top coat and I know I will be getting use out of that. I'm disappointed in Maybelline because they obviously have the capability to create great shadows rivaling high end shadows, but they seemed to only want to pull it off on 1 out of 5 shadows.

Are these Sensational? Luminizing? Color Explosions? Nope, not quite Maybelline!

What are your thoughts on these? Have you tried these?

Yours in Beauty,



  1. The green set has pretty colors but it looks surprisingly cheap. Thanks for an honest review!

  2. I love your posts! Even though you don't like them that well they look beautiful on you!

  3. Do you guys ever review Hard Candy products? I would love to see see their face primer reviewed on here!

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