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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Makeup and Beauty Organization


I have been doing a lot of thinking about the best way to store my makeup lately.  I plan on doing a vlog sometime on my own personal storage of makeup and beauty products in a small space.  But first, I actually have to find a good way to store it!  We have only been in our current apartment for five months, and it is definitely a downgrade in size from our last place.  Basically, if you sit on the toilet seat, you can touch three walls.  We haven't quite gotten things how we want them, but in the meantime, let me share with you some of the inspiration I am taking from other beauty bloggers we follow on here.

LolaMarie7 is a vlogger I just started following!  I love her video where she shows us her makeup storage!

I am also totally loving the arrangement this guest blogger did for Birchbox!  Check out all the cool views of her beautiful bathroom!  She actually made her linen closet into a vanity!
A shot of the whole setup.
I read about this idea years ago- you take a vase or a fishbowl and fill it with sand and prop up your makeup brushes.  I've never been able to find the absolute most perfect vessel for my brushes, but I never thought to use multiples.  The only thing that makes me nervous about this is the fact that my dog could knock it over and it would make a horrific mess with all that sand.  

This one is easily my favorite and my husband promised me he would make me one.  I can't wait!  The blogger took a metal sheet, painted it blue, and framed it with an ornate frame.  Since it's magnetic, she took a few of her makeup items, and hot glued a little magnet to the back so it would stick to the wall.  I see this working really well with some of my eyeshadow singles and maybe some lipsticks too!  I also like the idea of getting some fun magnets and clipping out some looks I want to try and using this as an inspiration board.  

From the same blogger, this is another brilliant idea- nail polish spice rack!  I have been seeing lots of amazing ideas lately where people have repurposed lots of different things from the container store to be used for makeup storage.

This is so stinkin' cute...I found it on Pinterest and it totally looks like a cheese grater to me, that is being repurposed as a jewelry holder!  Tot cute!

Found on Pinterest, yet another way to store makeup brushes; instead of sand, using coffee beans!  

Peg Board from Lowe's painted robin's egg blue with pegs to store all kinds of goodies.  Why is everything always painted vintage blue?  No doubt it makes for great pictures cute!

Super smart way to store bobby pins- this is one of those little containers you can buy to store all your paperclips in.  This is brilliant!  

Absolutely wonderful idea for headband storage- Cover an oatmeal or coffee can with fabric, attach a pedestal to the bottom.  Voila!  

I love the idea of attaching cork board to the inside of your bathroom cupboards.  When you find a great look in a magazine you just clip it out and tack it there and it reminds you to give it a try!

These are a couple of my favorite finds in terms of beauty storage...please do share in the comments if you know of any more!

Yours in Beauty,  Justina



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