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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kewpie Doll Eyes

This is meant to be a guide on how to do these with your natural lashes and no falsies, however if you want to use fakes, I would suggest getting the Kewpie fakes for top lashes and bottom lashes.  I'm just trying to show you how to get the look with what you already have in your makeup cabinet!

Kewpie Eye How To:

Tools Needed:
Fine pointed liner brush
Black liquid or gel liner
Eyelash Primer
Black Mascara
Optional- False Lashes

Word to the Wise:  The first time trying this, it is wise, to have a ton of qtips, and your favorite eye makeup remover close by.  Let this be this first part of your makeup you do...I only say this because it got so messy, I had to wash my hands about five times during this process, and I had makeup all over my cheeks when I was done!

With the liner brush, draw false lashes on your skin underneath your eye using the black liquid or gel liner (the false lashes should originate from your actual lash line.  Start by making longer lashes on the outside of your eye and continue making progressively shorter lashes as you move inward.  I used Clinique's Gel Liner in Black.

With the eyelash curler, curl your top lashes, holding the curler for 30 seconds.  Mine is by E.l.f. and cost me $1.

Brush the eyelash primer on your top and bottom lashes the same way you would apply mascara.  This lengthens the lashes and also helps to clump them together.  P.S. It's white.  Mine is the one from Lancome's line, although in my experience they are all pretty much the same.

While mascara is still wet, apply 1-2 coats of mascara to both top and bottom lashes.  I used Lancome's Definicils.

Use the tip of the mascara brush to clump your top lashes into groups.  By far the easiest mascara to do this with is Clinique's bottom lash mascara, although I could see getting similar results using Maybelline's new Great Lash with the mini brush.

Next, I grabbed my Milani Infinite Liquid Liner and did my lower water line, and accentuated some of the lashes I did earlier with my gel liner.  I also lined my top lashes with the Milani.

I took my q tips and got all the excess product off my lids and applied some Clinique All About Eyes concealer around my eye area.

I took my trusty rusty foundation brush from Sally's Beauty Supply and applied foundation, starting around my eyes and nose, and fanning outwards towards the rest of my face.....Beware of my angry face...this is taking forever!

I set with my loose translucent powder...

Because it's the "Doll Eyes" look, I put some of my fave Clinique Blush in Cupid on, then followed with the Physician's Formula Illuminating powder.

I took my eyebrow gel by E.l.f. and brushed it on my brows, then after letting it air dry I added Clinique's Shaping Taupe to give them a little oomph!

Before I forget to tell you, I was also wearing my brand new lipstick, Clinique's Pink Chocolate during this tutorial. I bought it so I could purchase their eye shadow palette that was a purchase with purchase.  I didn't read about it anywhere, but I love the great texture!  Also, later on in the pictures, I added a Bath and Body Works flavored lip gloss to the bottom center of my lips for a little shine.

Voila!  Finished product!

A couple more close ups of the eye:

Once I cleaned up my area, and started applying makeup, the only product I used on my eyelid was the concealer, but I'm sure this would look great with a smoky eye too!

I'm sure I could've used false lashes, and it may have turned out really way that way, but sometimes you don't want to go and buy all those products and lashes, and you just want to work with what you have.  I feel that this is a kewpie look that would be subtle enough for day time or bold enough with a smokey eye for night time.  In my profession, I don't know that I would feel professional arriving in false eyelashes, let alone on the top and bottom together!  

I hope you enjoyed this look!

Yours in Beauty, Justina

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  1. Hello, I just found your site and though it is 2019 I thought to thank you for using one of the 12 Kewpie dolls image of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games closing ceremony. I was contracted by a Gold Coast special effects company named Bimmini SFX to paint the last 6 kewpie dolls' eyes (you happened to have chosen one of the dolls I painted!) so thank you! Regards, Ricardo Garcia from Painted Illusions Queensland.



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