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Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's Wedding (planning) Season!

Hey everyone!  I loved reading Jessica's post about the Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses.  Don't get me wrong, goddesses come in all shapes and sizes.  If those girls in the ad looked like that naturally I would say, more power to them.  However, the fact that all the models used for this Vera Wang for David's Bridal campaign are equally sickly-thin looking makes me feel that this is on purpose.

Here's a pic of me at our wedding on the party bus, rocking the champagne- totally full of calories I'm sure, and I loved it!  Photo cred:  Jessica

In general, I feel that David's Bridal does a fantastic job catering to every shape and size.  While looking to find dresses for my girls for our July wedding, I ended my search at David's.  Why?  I felt that they had the most color selection, the best size selection, and the most dresses all around.  Everybody in my bridal party had a completely different body.  At first, I thought about getting dresses that were the same for everyone, then about one second later, I thought...whoa!  Would my 5'2" stick thin friend and my 5'11" average sized friend feel as confident in an identical dress?  Maybe.  But the nice thing to do is to give everyone a choice.

For our wedding, we did go with David's Bridal.  I chose black as our bridesmaids colors, because I felt it was a color everyone could look great in, body conscious or not.  I also felt like that would set a great back drop for any color scheme we would want to choose for accessories and shoes.  The only parameter I gave my girls was to choose something in black satin or sateen.  I felt that narrowing it down to my favorite fabric and color would be an appropriate amount of direction to give the girls, and they could take it from there.

Some people think, OMGee I don't know if I could trust my friends to pick something I would love.  My take?  I think all my friends look great in the things they choose to wear.  My bridesmaids who are top heavy know that certain dresses or shirts are a definite DON'T and they don't try to dress in things that look obscene on them.  I wasn't worried, and I didn't have to be!  At the end of the day, all my girls looked fantastic, in the dresses they themselves picked, and they were all super confident.

It turned out that without my help or guiding opinion, two girls chose one style, the other two chose another style, and my maid of honor chose something completely different.  And they all rocked it!

Here are a few of my tips for choosing bridesmaids dresses for your gals:

  • If they all live in the same area, ask them to go shopping at some local bridesmaids shops.  Even if you are not planning on purchasing from a certain store, have them go and try stuff on anyways, just to get a feel for what style they would actually want to wear that day.  Seeing them try things you thought might be cute on them will open your eyes up to the truth (it really IS that cute, or it really sucks).
  • Take an honest look at the friends and/or family that you will have stand up with you that day.  What are their bodies like?  Are they all a "perfect" size 2-4 and stick thin?  It might be ok with them if you choose a style of dress for them.  Some of the ultra trendy dresses ONLY look good on that body type.  Realistically, most of your bridesmaids probably have differing body types. Even if they ARE really thin, they might be tall, short, have wide hips, or be well endowed- just to name a few different body types.  ALSO, just because someone is thin does not mean they are not self-conscious.
  • If you think some of the dresses are kind of plain and bridesmaid-y that they have at all the bridal shops, you are totally correct!  Sadly, bridesmaids dresses are kind of meant to be plain and the backdrop for the bride.  I totally disagreed with this!  I begged one of my more fashionable bridesmaids (ahem- Jessica) to get a super cute flower clip to pin to the front of her dress to make it stand out more.  It was adorable!  Another bridesmaid took a brooch and clipped it to hers too.  It was just enough to make them stand out.  Some brides purposely dress their bridesmaids in something that is ultra plain and not necessarily flattering.  Don't worry about your bridesmaids overpowering you with their beauty- it will never happen on your wedding day.  As the bride, you automatically will be the most beautiful person of the day by default, so there is no reason to prevent people from outshining you...impossible!  That said, everyone in your bridal party is beautiful in their own right and they should still be allowed to shine on your day as they would any other day.  So let them wear something they feel beautiful in too!
But seriously, they all still looking amazing.  I will label us #1-6, me being #4 obviously.  #1 and #3 have the same dress on, #2 and #6 have the same dress, and #5 has a totally different one (as does #4 haha!!)
  • If you do choose a dress for everyone, don't make it the most expensive dress ever unless you want everyone to think you are a huge jerk, or unless you intend to pay for it.  One of the reasons we chose David's Bridal was because the cheapest dresses are $99 and still super cute!  All of their dresses are very reasonably priced.  I had originally found amazing dresses from this private company in LA that I discovered while paging through bridal catalogs.  At $250 a piece, I thought, "can I afford to chip in $100 for each of my bridesmaids?"  I would never ask any of my friends to pay more than $150 for a dress to stand in my wedding unless it was one they personally chose for themselves.  I pondered it for about a day, then thought, why break the bank?  I was glad we let the girls choose their dress, because I was far happier with those selections.  
  • If you are picky about jewelry and accessories like I am, consider chipping in or buying all of the jewelry.  I have a friend who owns a shop and she has fantastic jewelry.  Check her out at or join the facebook page "FUNK" to stay tuned to all of the cute things she has rolling in to her shop on a weekly basis.  She provided all the jewelry for our wedding, and it was gorgeous.  She special ordered me jewelry that nobody else has, and I was able to get a large discount for ordering in bulk.  The bridesmaids were happy, and I told them that once pictures were over, they were free to wear whatever they pleased!  

  • Consider getting a bridesmaid dress for yourself in white, ivory, or a pale pink.  It makes for a super cute reception dress and is much easier to dance in!

A couple questions for our readers...would anybody enjoy seeing a Wedding tab added to our page?  Or should I do more blogs on how to do makeup/hair for the wedding?  Also, I would be happy to share all my thrifty tips on how to save money.  Just say the word and I am on it!  I could give you all the ideas we used plus many more that we didn't that are still great!

Yours in Beauty, Justina

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  1. Well written bridal shop review! I liked the bridesmaid tips. All of them are certainly different, but they all look great!



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