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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Face Secrets

My face has a secret....the Face Secrets brush!  I found this in the check out lane at Sally's Beauty Supply for $1.99.  I am not yet able to afford the Clarisonic OR the Olay ProX- so in the meanwhile I am going to be using this little baby.  So far, I love it!

Mine looks a little different than this one, with a blue plastic handle, however I got this pic off the Sally's website, and they were the same price, so I'm assuming they're the same.

The biggest difference between this and the others, obviously, is that this one you have to use manually rather than the others that are battery operated or plug in.  The brush does feel like it would be harsh on ultra sensitive skin, but the nice part of using it manually is you don't have to push it full force across your face.  Just ease up a little bit for comfort.  

The first time I used this, I took it in the shower, and I started scrubbing away at my face.  I came back with a dirty, brown, nasty brush.  I tried again the next day, and started washing my face, letting some of my makeup go down the drain first.  Once I had rinsed away the first signs of makeup, I started brushing my face with the brush, getting some of the suds lathered up. 

I love it!!!  My face feels so soft, and my makeup went on great!  I truly feel like I got a clean face out of this deal.  Jessica has one from Merle Norman and I would love to hear about the luck she has with hers!

Happy Brushing!  Yours in Beauty, Justina

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