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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Drugstore Mascara Success!

Hello everyone!  Expect many more posts from me today, but the first is a little morsel.  I found this awesome mascara for under $3 at Walmart in our town.  I had looked up great mascaras on beautypedia, which is run by "Cosmetics Cop" or a woman named Paula.  I had done a review of their website, but in case you didn't read it, I'll give you the brief rundown.  Paula worked for the beauty industry, and is done with all the bullshit.  She wants products to stand up to ALL the claims they make, and she rates them as such.  Every mascara lengthens, so that's not enough.  But if it says it's going to volumize, it better give you volume, etc.

Well this mascara got the highest rating possible:

Introducing...NYC City Curls mascara!
We already know what Paula/Beautypedia/Cosmetics Cop thinks...what do some other people say?
I looked up this mascara, and this is what I found!

The tube is a cute pink colour which I really like and the brush is a simple bristle, slightly tapered and with a gentle curve in the centre. When I used this I actually bent the brush in the tube so that the mascara was easier to apply. The mascara added a strong black colour to my pretty fair lashes and also I saw a definite curl to them too. Overall I thought this mascara was simple but effective and didnt clump.

The price was a major factor in my purchase.  At about 3 dollars its a bargain, and even if you hate this mascara, it was only 3 bucks, which is a lot better than paying 10 dollars for a crappy mascara, which has happened to me before.  Plus!  I always seem to find that N.Y.C. is on sale, so that makes it even more enticing.  The wand is pretty small, tapers at the end, has a slight curve, and is the natural bristles..I really love this wand.  I think its my perfect wand.  I kind of want to use this wand in other mascaras.  It is great and grabbing and finding those little lashes.

I did like the doe-eyed effect the curling formula created. According to a NYC Cosmetics spokesperson, the formula contains special film-forming and hair-styling polymers which curl lashes and hold the curve all day. The polymers do magically lift and curl lashes for a perfect slightly startled, really rested effect that’s super flattering. Plus, the lightweight liquid glides on and adds length as well.  My only critique is that the mascara clumps a bit on the brush. But if you blot the wand before applying, the issue is resolved. Luckily, I always carry tissue in my purse!

I ran across my new best friend.  NYC City Curls Mascara.  For the Bargain Price of only $2.64!!!!!! I was so excited that I had found any mascara at all for that price, I think I may have done a Hurkee in the middle of the makeup aisle.  But, I wondered, does it WORK like it costs 2.64?  I checked out and got immediately in the car to apply, and save anyone else from having to see me with blonde eyelashes.  Lo and Behold, It works, just as well as my beloved Rimmel.  I was so excited I had to share.

Anyways, on to what I think now!  I picked it up on a whim after reading that it did what it said it would.  I was a passenger in the car and when I applied this, and fell in love!  The curved brush helps the application go on beautifully over each lash, and it helps you curl your lashes obviously. I would venture to say this works just as well as any other high priced curling mascara.  In the pictures below, I am very very sleepy!  So if I look like I have a case of red eye, just focus on the lashes :-)

Well, there you have it.  I love this curling mascara.  The next thing on my agenda when it comes to mascaras and lash curling, is to find a solution for my unruly lower lashes.  They are scary long, even though I've laid off the Vaseline, and they just like to go any which way when I style my lashes.  Anyone have a tip for me? If not you might see on here some funky contraption for curling the lashes in a future post!

Yours in Beauty, Justina

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  1. Love this mascara! What are some other great mascaras that are from the drugstore, and from the department store? I want to know the best of high end and low end!



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