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Friday, December 9, 2011

Covergirl Intense Shadowblast

Covergirl's Intense Shadow Blast is marketed as a cream shadow that lasts because it has built in primer in it. Well, whatever primer they use, it must sure suck because it doesn't work! It doesn't even work when you use good primer. These crease like a yuppie man's boating slacks.

These are described as rich, water proof eyeshadows with a built in primer for color that lasts. These come in six shades: Beige Blaze, Platinum Pop, Forever Pink, Brown Bling, Extreme Green, and Blue Bling. These were rated around 4.5 out of 5 on Covergirl's site and 4 out of 5 on Makeup Alley which normally has lower stars than most sites I visit. So maybe its just me that hates them?! These also retail around $6-8 which I think is expensive for a drugstore shadow when you can get a great Wet n Wild Palette with 3 colors for $2.99 or 8 colors for $4.99. **check out Walgreens right now, they have a coupon for $1 off any WnW palette $2.99 or more**

When I was looking at these in the store, I knew it would be something I regretted, but I'm a sucker to try new things and the colors look beautiful. I have the green and I do love the color. But what does it matter if it doesn't stay on? The applicator tip is also very easy to use and at first it goes on effortlessly and flawlessly...that is until it creases 30 seconds later. The first time I used this I didn't use a primer because well because its suppose to have a primer in it!!! I noticed major creasing within 30 seconds to 1 minute. Instead of wasting it, I instead used it as a base for my Too Faced Nice Stems shadow. I'm horrible at taking back products I don't like, so I think I will keep using this as a base and save some application of my expensive shadow. The second time as seen below I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion which is a heavy hitter in the primer world. My eyes stayed crease free for a little longer, but when I check after 5 hours, it was all aboard to Creasin' Town.

One area I notice a HUGE difference in drug store v. high end is with any sort of cream shadow. I've used Covergirl, Maybelline, Revlon, Mary Kate & Ashely (i know, i know but they were very pretty!), etc. They all crease like mad! My favorite creaseless cream shadows are Benefit's.

Creasing after 5 hours (with Urban Decay Primer Potion)

Creasing after 5 hours (with UDPP)

This majorly fries my french fries when a product completely does not live up to its claims. They had to have tested this and noticed it creases right away and is not long lasting. The primer claim with this is a joke. I don't have particularly oil lids either and other high end cream shadows stay put on my lids without primer. You can not tell me that they did not notice this before putting this onto the market?

Swatch on Hand 

Swatch on hand after 5 hours. Staying power was okay.


It actually is quite a shame because I LOVE the color. This is after I reapplied it for the purposes of the picture. With most cream shadows, less is more. If you apply another layer, it will crease even more and feel sticky and goopy. I took this off right afterwards. It creased even more. 

Solution: 1) Return the product 2) Use it as a base for a more expensive shadow that you want to conserve

Taaaa Daaaaaaa!!!!!

This is Too Faced Eyeshadow in Nice Stems. How gorgeous is this color!?!

Top: Too Faced Nice Stems, Bottom: Covergirl Intense Green

I blended both out to demonstrate how nicely these will look together.

And now I have beautiful green lids that will LAST! A base is a great way to make another color more vibrant or longer lasting. Here I applied the Covergirl first and then patted the Too Faced on with a eyeshadow brush. If you do this while the cream/primer/base is slightly wet, it will pick up the powder shades very nicely. Some favorite bases of mine are NYX Jumbo Liners which come in a huge variety of colors. And Cherry culture is having a 20% off sale right now on all brands, so check out my prior post on Stocking Stuffers for the coupon code. 

Have you had a different experience with these?  

Yours in Beauty, 



  1. Dammit...was eyeing these for months...they suck huh

  2. Thats my opinion, maybe you'll have better luck. If you're going to try, I would say try when its on sale or buy 1 get 1. I have read either really good reviews or really horrible reviews. These were so bad on me I can't see them really working for anyone and I don't have oily lids. These didn't work for me with Urban Decay primer or without. I've tried! I've read some reviews that if you put a very light layer it doesn't crease, but then you aren't really getting "intense" color, are you? I would still for $7-8 these are a pass! If you do try them, let me know if you have better luck!

  3. Thanks for reviewing this. The shadowblast was heavily featured on the season finale of America's Next Top Model and the colors looked GREAT on the models but it sounds like this product doesn't live up to those expectations.



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