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Friday, December 16, 2011

Costco & The Company Store Haul

I love COSTCO! It is basically like a Sam's club, except you can find higher end brands there. I absolutely love it. Their prices can not be beat. For cosmetics and beauty, I have seen Shisheido, Neutrogena, Bobbi Brown, Covergirl (multiple packs like 3 mascaras for $15), Stila, Olay, Dove, Sebastian, Alterna, Calvin Klein,  TIGI/Bed head 2 tween bottles for $15, Christian Dior, StriVectin Uggs, Color revolution mineral makeup...and the list goes on and on!

This is a membership store and you have to pay for your membership. Although it is well worth it for the discount products you have access to. You can check them out online at

Olay, Bobbi Brown lip glosses, Shisheido, StriVectin

Stila Heaven! :) The one step primecolors I believe were around $12. Original Stila price around $18 for three. A single primer original priced through Stila was $22, on sale now for $11 for one. They also have a very large circular Stila palette with eye colors, lip colors and blushes for under $20, normal retail price of a palette like this $40.

Here are my finds from today:

Stila Lip Glaze set. Seven lipglosses for $16.99 ($2.42/lipgloss). These are not full size, they are .05oz. These are close to full size. Sephora is selling an 8 piece set of the same size for $25 ($3.125/lipgloss). This  set includes their signature color, Kitten. LOVE these glosses and what a great deal! 

Alterna Bamboo Anti-Frizz Conditioner, $14.97 for both. 
Retail price: around $20 for one product. 

Kirkland Signature brushes includes 10 brushes and a great carrying bag, $24.99

The handle of each brush states what its use is for.

This comes with a great guide for the use of each brush.


What a wonderful case! 

And so cute! This looks like a little clutch! This makes it very easy to pack this up for an out of town weekend! 

These brushes feel great. I just got these today, but so far so good. I will do a more extensive review once I have used these more. 

The Company Store
The company store is an outlet store that sells Estee Lauder owned brands which includes Origins, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Bumble & Bumble, etc. They are always getting new products in. Unfortunately they didn't have my shade of Estee Lauder foundation, but they sell the same thing for $13 cheaper. They may also have some limited edition products or products from older seasons. I'm not the type of person that needs something immediately when it is new, so that does not bother me at all. They also sell plenty of items that are still in sales at the stores. I just saw a cranberry cream Clinique lip color that I just bought days ago for $4 cheaper. They also have Clinique chubby sticks, but the availability of some products may be more limited.  Here are some of my finds.

Clinique color surge eye shadow quad in 01 Bamboo Pink, $17.50. This is a limited edition product. Original retail $25.50. I use my other Clinique quads all the time. Clinique really knows how to pair shadows together to make a complete look!

MAC Mineralize blush in Buddy Up, $16.25. Retail $28-$31.

This is applied darker for the purpose of swatching, but these colors swirl together to create a beautiful color. This is a mix of muted plum and brightened pink. When swirled, they create a muted reddened plum shade that goes on fairly sheerly and doesn’t have too much glitter. This was released in March 2010, but hey, a beautiful color is a beautiful color even if its not newly released.
Clinique Different lipstick in Sugared Grapefruit. This is a coral/peachy pink. This probably won't work well on all skin tones, but I love this color for myself. $10.25. Current retail $14.50. 

So some patience and bargain shopping can land you some high end makeup for less! Happy Hunting!

Yours in Beauty, 


  1. I go to BJ's and they do not have all this stuff!! :o(

  2. What is BJ's? Costco is awesome! There is one by my parent's house but not by where I live. Their inventory doesn't change too often so far, but what they do have is amazing brand name products for usually around 1/2 retail price!

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