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Friday, December 16, 2011

Clarisonic vs Olay ProX

I was doing some research tonight on some new products that other people had recommended in their blogs and here is what I came up with!  I am excited by the findings and I will start with the one I am most lusting after. I'll do a follow up blog with more products she suggests that I've been wanting to try.

Nancy Lee is a blogger I discovered through Beauty Army- I absolutely love her page, so check her out HERE.  Here is a beauty items she recommends extensively throughout her blog- 

Clarisonic Sonic Skin System
This item is expensive, but I was able to find drastically different prices at every website.  Part of the reason for the differing cost is because some of them come with their own facial soap to use along with the system.  I'm not as interested in that part as I am interested in her AMAZING skin.  She is 35 and sans foundation, her skin looks worlds better than mine.  The Clarisonic system is supposed to be safe enough to use 2 times a day, and removes 65% more makeup and SPF from the skin, effectively making your skin radiant, renewed, and allowing your products to do their magic much better.  I'm totally interested in this product.  It is an expensive initial investment, but I must admit I'm more interested in skin that is radiant on its own rather than using products to achieve a glow.  If I can get that from the Clarisonic, then I'm in.  My only hesitation is that you have to replace the brush heads every 90 days (Nancy Lee suggests 70 because they start to dull like your tooth brush bristles would).  If I could find cheaper buy-in-bulk replacement heads, that would make me a lot happier.

Birchbox sells the system for $195, and you get your choice of 3 different colors- graphite, pink, or white.  The sick part is that all you get with your system, is the charging dock.  Rip off!  Sorry BB, but even with my $20+ points that I have stocked up, that's still a rip.  Couldn't you have at least thrown in some of the face wash?

Sephora sells a ton of these on their site- a search for the Clarisonic yielded 34 results.  They have a beautiful array of different styles and colors to choose from at much happier prices.  They also offer replacement head packages- a set of 2 goes for $40  I could totally spend $40 for 6 months worth of replacement heads and feel ok about it.  The replacement heads come in:  deep pore cleansing, sensitive, normal, and delicate and all are double packs.  The actual brush and the sets it comes in range in price from $110-$225.  Yikes.  I'd still need a pretty mighty coupon to afford one of these puppies.

Spalook is not that different in price or selection than Sephora.  You can score one for $119 and you even get one of their little cleansers with it.  They have a few limited edition colors, and better yet, they have some great deals going on right now.  This is one of the sites that partners up with TestTube and New Beauty magazine.  Remember in my Test Tube how I was saying I got a $50 gift card off a $200 purchase?  It appears you don't even need that card I have- the coupon codes are right on their website.  
$50 off your $200 purchase:  NOW50
$20 off your $100 purchase:  NOW20

If I was going to use the coupon codes on Spalook to get some money off, I'd probably just get my replacement heads right away because they'd end up being free with the coupon.  Great deal!  

It doesn't appear that any other websites offer much of a deal on these. has their lowest set at $119 also. also doesn't offer much savings; although you may be able to get a few dollars off the replacement heads, you're going to get slapped with shipping fees on top of that.  

Nancy Lee didn't say anything about a drugstore dupe, but we are always looking for cheaper items that perform the same.  Although having great skin is a priority in my life, so is paying my electric bill, and feeding my dog, so the Clarisonic system is probably not in the cards for me any time soon.  This would be more like an item I would lust after for a few months, then ask for for my birthday.  If I still want it in June, it will be meant to be!

I did see a product that looks strangely similar, called Olay Professional ProX Advanced Cleansing System.  It sells at Target online for $29.99 and Walmart for $26.  This got great reviews and was compared to the Clarisonic.  This is probably a better starting point if you are looking for a Clarisonic, as it's quite a bit cheaper and you can get a feel for whether you like the whole contraption.  I believe this is battery operated too, so you can avoid the cord plugin mess on your bathroom counter!
The refills are only $9.99 each which is totally reasonable, and there are some other serums that are meant to be used in conjunction with it.  I've been meaning to give Olay products a try lately, and at these prices, I can!  At the time I wrote this article, there was a coupon on their website for $5.

I do think it's too close to the holidays to buy anything for myself.  In my family, we were always taught not to buy ANYTHING the whole month of December to make Christmas that much more exciting.  I don't really follow that to a T anymore, however I do want to lay off the spending for a bit and then see what I'm still excited about in the New Year.  

In the meantime before I lay my hands on one of these pretties I'll be drinking lots of water and trying to remember my vegetables- two things that are just as important in getting healthy, radiant skin.  

If you have either of these products, please let me know what you think in the comments section!  Also, don't forget to check out Nancy Lee's blog site.  If you are a bblogger, please subscribe to our page, and leave us a message so we know to subscribe back to yours!  We love doing our research and reading what other lovely ladies such as yourself have to say about the same stuff!  Hope you are having a great weekend-before-Christmas!

Yours in Beauty, Justina and Jessica  


  1. I love my Clarisonic to pieces!! Great investment!!

  2. Really? Where did you purchase, and do you really notice a difference?



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