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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Haul

Christmas Haul Time!!  I have been trying out these awesome products so I can review them for you, my pretties.  I will save myself the hassle of showing you up close and personal and swatching them right away, just to tell you I don't know how I feel about them.  

But here's what I got:  
-Urban Decay Feminine Palette
-Urban Decay Dangerous Palette
-Urban Decay Fun Palette
-Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
-Urban Decay Foundation SPF 15 in Halo
-Watts up illuminator by Benefit
-2 Benefit Lipglosses
-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Urban Decay Zero Eyeliner
-Urban Decay eyeshadow in a tube, and one in a pot (the names are slipping me)

I am so excited to be trying some of these products out!  Some of these I've been wanting to try out for months!  I'm ultra excited about the palettes since they contain really beautiful shades.  

What did you get for Christmas?

Yours in Beauty, Justina

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