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Friday, December 30, 2011

Birchbox Customer Service & Those Who Rise Above

The last couple months I haven't been so happy with Birchbox. I'm going to give it one more month and then I may cancel. There was a lot of complaints against them this month for shipping issues. My birchbox was tracked to my local post office, then transferred to another state, and then was rerouted back here, so I got it 4 days or more later than I should have. Is that the end of the world? Certainly  not, but after all the grief Birchbox was given, they did reward 100 points to some people with shipping issues. Since I was never contacted by them, I contacted them via facebook and by email. I was basically told sorry, but let us know if there is anything we can do. So, I asked for them to add 25 points to my account and was denied. My major issue was that for the past 2 months, I have been able to see what is in my box online before I have even received it which pretty much ruins the surprise, but I can't help but look.

Email reply 1:
Hi Jessica,

Thanks so much for being in touch with us via email and facebook!

It does look like your Birchbox took an odd route to get to you! I'm
so sorry for the delay and we appreciate your patience during this
busy time of the year.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you out!


Email reply 2:
Hi Jessica, 

Unfortunately, I'm not able to do that!   Not to worry - you'll be able to reach 400 points as soon as you receive your January box and give your feedback online!  Or, you can use your BBLOVE promo code to receive $20 off a an order of $75.  

Have a great day!


My soap box:

Some companies need to learn that doing something to make a customer happy, ie awarding 25 points (which is essentially worth $2.50) is a small drop in the bucket to keep a customer. If they had added these points, I would be happy and more likely to stay. I have already considered cancelling depending on the January box. I normally would not have complained except for the fact that so many people had shipping issues and it seemed related to the carrier they use, so I wanted to make sure they were aware I had issues as well. 

The only reason I have stuck with it is because of the points system, after 3 months I am close to earning $40 to go towards a full sized product. I haven't really tried anything they've sent me and loved it enough to want to purchase a full sized, but I have my eye on some Laura Geller Baked blushes. 

The great companies that stick around are those that happily add points or products in to retain a customer. What companies have you had good customer experience with? I will name the ones I have had
  1. Estee Lauder with their skincare and foundation samples 
  2. Lovesac threw in a free cup rest that goes over the arm rest with the purchase of my chaise 
  3. Sephora is generous with their samples in the store, you just have to ask (and I usually buy a lot which helps too)
  4. Kohl's has let me use expired Kohl's cash or expired coupons. They are the #1 in customer service for a department store. They have also given me an extra % off for a clearance jewelry item that was missing one very small bead.
  5. Stila had very prompt customer service and problem solving. I had an issue with a product and they promptly replied it was no problem for them to replace it (although still waiting to receive it)
  6. Merle Norman is great for lip gloss samples and they are willing to help
  7. Walgreens is usually pretty good with their coupons. I've had a few issues with coupons and they don't argue with you, they just give you the coupon. Without getting anyone in trouble, I will just say they have gone above and beyond for me.  I've had them actually point out to me when there is a coupon and if it doesn't scan in, they will still give it to you right then and there unlike other companies where you may have to go to the service desk, wait for a manager, etc and then be given the refund in cash.I had that happen at Kmart. The problem was solved, it just took a long time. 
So there you go Birchbox, 25 points is nothing much for you to add to my account, but for me it would have ensured a couple more months subscription from me, a positive review, and some brand loyalty. I'm very anxious to see if they have listened to all their disgruntled customers and improved January's box. 

Feel free to add in the comments companies you have had a great experience with. 

Yours in Beauty, 

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  1. I had a really good experience with Birchbox customer service and they gave me 100 pts for a missing item (I had the choice of 100 pts or them sending out the item) I had Paulina as my rep.



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