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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Top Five Winter Make up Trends

Hello ladies! I have been scouring the internet, celebrity looks, runway looks and magazines for you to bring you the top 5 Winter Make up Trends for this year.

1. Its all about the dramatic eye 
I have recreated many dramatic eye looks for you guys already because every where I turn I'm inspired to do so.

How to: Create this look by applying a darker shade to the crease area and lining your lower lash line with the darker eye shadow. Add eyeliner to the water line. You can even add another eye shadow color to the lower lash line.  See prior blog dramatic eye posts for more details. Have fun playing. It can create a unique look to line the lower lash line with a dark shadow color and line the water line with a nude color. See this look here.

Extra tip: If you're doing a dark dramatic eye, you want to line your inner corner, or inner V with a lighter shade to brighten this area up. I usually use a white color, however golds look amazing in this area as well. You can see this gold inner V look here. 

2. Bushy Eyebrows are back
I'm super excited for this trend for some reason. I just want my eyebrows to grow right now and have been plucking them less. Use a slanted eye brush to fill in any sparse areas and to make your brows look fuller and darker. The trend this season is to have your eyebrows TWO shades darker than your hair color.
Eco Tools Angled Eyeliner Brush
Eco Tools Lash
& Brow Groomer,
How to: Although you still want your eyebrows to be shaped well, using an eyebrow brush, brush the hair on your brows upward. You can also use a liquid product that is basically a brush in a tube with gel. There are umpteen number of eyebrow kits out there. I prefer just to use dark brown eye shadow and shape my brow with my brow groomer. You could use a tiny bit of hair gel to get the same look if you want to make sure they stay (just be careful of your eyes). See this look here. 

Side note: Eco Tools are great affordable brushes. This is an eco friendly company that uses recycled and sustainable materials. I highly recommend this for any starter kit. Another great affordable starter kit brushes are Elf studio line (the $3 brushes, not the $1 ones). 

3. Red lips 
This is a classic that is never going to go out of style, however, for this season, it is surely a must. There are many wearable red lipsticks out there and push yourself to go out of your comfort zone. Red lips are a great holiday look. But if you are going dramatic on your lips, be sure to tone down the rest of your makeup. You don't want to look too much! This is a look that is never going to quit and thats just fine with me :) 


See our red lip look here. 

4. Fair or glowing skin with soft blush 
The trend for skin is all about natural and achieving that right out of the cold look. You are going to want to have soft glowing skin and a soft blush look, so pack your bronzers away for the season. 

How to: To achieve that glowing look, I highly recommend Physician's formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in Translucent Pearl which is great for all skin tones. Or check out their website here to see the 3 other shade options this comes in. This has real pearl minerals in it. 
Physician's formula, $13.95
You can use this as a highlighter or an all over face color as your last step. For a highlighter, I like to use my finger. Swipe your finger into the product and then swipe this above your brow and onto your cheek bone, essentially making a sideways V. When your turn your head or the light hits your head, you will have a glowing look. Plus, this also creates a contouring look, making your cheek bones appear more prominent and thus you look skinner! Hooray! For use all over, I use a very fluffy big brush or a kabuki, dab it into the product and lightly apply all over my face for an all over glow. 

This is my favorite powder right now for this purpose, but also check out Palladio Rice Powder at Sally's Beauty or bareMinerals mineral veil (which they just came out with in a pressed powder too for us that are loose powder challenged!) For highlighters, try The Balm's Mary Lou luminizer (my fave), Benefit's Watts Up, or Benefit High Beam or Moon Beam. 
Love their packaging and design too!

For blush, you want to create the perfect right in from the cold look. So, pinch your cheeks for a few seconds and this is the color you want to achieve. My suggestions are Physician's formula Happy Booster blush in Rose, Benefit's Bella Bamba here, or Nars Orgasm as seen on a prior blog here. Like I said before, the perfect blush for you for this season will depend on your natural blush color.

5. Golds!
Who doesn't love mixing gold in with their look whether it is pairing your look with a brushed gold hoop or adding a pop of gold to your eye makeup look. I recommend Sephora jumbo liner in gold to line your lower lash or use in your inner V area. This is a great jumbo eyeliner and I believe is $10, so additional score! I have used this product in many many prior blogs and love it. 

I would also HIGHLY recommend the Wet N Wild palette below called I'm getting Sunburned. This is $2.99 and one of their best yet! See the look I created with this palette here. I didn't use the gold on the eyelid for the look I was going for in this post, but it will give you an idea on how to play and create many different looks from one palette.  

I have been playing and trying to create the perfect golden look and I will hopefully be able to bring that to you very soon! 

Thanks for reading! Be sure to comment if you have any questions and check out our many prior blogs where we have already created a lot of these looks for you!

Bonus tip: Cat eyes are all over the place. I LOVE this video by Lauren Conrad and which is one of our favorite blogs that shows you how to easily do a cat eye. 


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