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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Snow White Inspired Look


Jessica just had her awesome NYX haul, and we decided to play around tonight.  She did my makeup in a modern Snow White inspired look.  The basic look included pale skin, neutral eyes, and a very bright red lip.  We also added curls to my dark hair and I wore a fuzzy white coat and a red hair clip.  This look would also look great with a red headband and a red ribbon in your hair.

Makeup by NYX (
Coat and jewelry by FUNK (

For the hair, after using a basic heat protectant, we curled my hair with a 2" barrel curling iron, leaving the bottom inch or so out of the curler.  This helps to give it more of a natural, messy look.

This is definitely a do-able hair look or every day.  We did this on day-old hair which for me holds curl better.  We clipped my hair in sections, and it took about 10 minutes to complete.  So it's a cute look that you could easily incorporate into your morning routine.  Adding a sparkly clip definitely adds some charm and takes your semi-messy 'do up a notch.

Here is a shot of my white fluffy coat.  It has a furry type look to it, but it is definitely not real fur.  This would be really cute over a flirty dress or used as part of an all white outfit.  We love the way it looks with a bright red lip and dark hair.

Hairspray your bangs to give them some va-va-voom or pin back your hair to give yourself a little bump if you want to have some fun.

Makeup Step 1- Start by evening out your complexion using a full coverage foundation, concealer, and powder.

We used: Glam-o-flage concealer by Hardy Candy around the nose and mouth, and in the inner eye area.  Why?  Because your nose can cast a shadow on these areas, so the more you can lighten these areas the better!  Just remember not to go lighter than your natural skin tone or you will look ghostly.

Next, we used Lancome Dual Finish Versatile Powder Makeup with a large fluffy brush to give a very matte finish.  Jessica totally schooled me on the use of brushes and I hope she does a blog on them soon!

Lastly, I used a dusting of Bare Minerals Illuminating Mineral Veil for an irridescent glow.

We wanted the focus to stay on my lips and my matte finish makeup, so we didn't use bronzer.

Line your entire lid with the NYX jumbo eye pencil in French Fries.  Using an eye shadow brush, pat on your lid Golden eye shadow from the NYX trio.  Using a crease brush, apply Rust color on your outer lid and crease from the same pallette.  Then, take the third color in this trio which is Walnut Bronze and apply from the top of the crease blended upwards towards the upper lid.  Used as a blending color.

Use the Cottage Cheese jumbo liner in the inner tear duct creating a "V" or backwards "C" shape and blend this white shade up into the inner most area of your lid, blending in with the French Fries.

Next, use Lucky Penny by Clinique, which is a pretty light shimmery pink on the brow bone.  Use this to blend in all the other colors and make sure there's no harsh lines.

Then, take a pencil brush and bring the Rust color down into the lower lash line, like an eye liner.  See Jessica's previous NYX post entitled "Nyx Haul and Rainbow eye look" to see pictures pictures and swatches of these shades.

Next, Justina used a black pencil liner by Mary Kay to softly rim her eyes and Clinique Bottom Lash mascara to get all the teensy weensy lashes in the inner and outer corners of her eyes.

Eyebrows were darkened with Chocolate Chip eyeshadow by Clinique 

Lips were prepped for lipstick with Maybelline Baby Balm and then we used NYX Lip Smacking Fun colors lipstick in 639 Eucalyptus.

This is me, all dressed up and nowhere to go...

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Yours in Beauty,
Justina and Jessica


  1. thanks for the look! it's gorgeous. just joined via GFC.

    hope you can take a minute to check out my blog as well. xo

  2. Thanks for reading! We love your blog. Maybe we could guest blog on each others' blogs sometime. We are still in the beginning stages of spreading the word on our site!

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