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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mesmerized by Milani!

Hello everyone!  I am writing today to share with everyone a new product I just learned about through Emily Eddington's blog.  She is a huge fan of Milani Infinite liquid eyeliner.  I have been scanning all of my local drugstores and I finally found it at the K-mart in La Crosse.  Your town might have it more abundantly, but in our town we have to really search.

It comes in 4 shades:  Eternal, Everlast, Infinite, and Endless.  (Online I am seeing that it also comes in a gold shade called Forever)

I was going to call my post "Eyeliner for less" because at $5.99 each it definitely is, but decided against it.  Here is why:  I love makeup that is high quality, lasts the entire day, and in general would make its way into my daily rotation.  It would be nice if it came at a cheaper price point, but regardless, I want to use something that works, not just something that is a "good value"- which usually means is a good deal for $6.  I want makeup that is a good deal at ANY price point because it is awesome.  This eyeliner definitely surpasses those expectations AND is only $5.99 (possibly cheaper if your drugstore does a BOGO deal)

One thing that I read about these eyeliners, and saw first hand today after buying the whole line, is the consistency makes you think you are going to hate it.  It goes on with the consistency of chocolate syrup- it is slick and takes a long time to dry (30 sec-1 min).

I haven't swatched 'em yet but I did find some great ones online which I will share with you here!

Definitely worth a shot, especially since I used the black one for a Badger game I went to this weekend where I spent 4 hours standing in the rain.  None of my eyeliner moved at all!  Now THAT'S worth cheering for!

Yours in Beauty, Justina

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