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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hey Sweetie, Stevia is Not Just a Sweetener!!!

The many uses of Stevia

I have been introduced to a lot of alternative products that many people may not be aware of because my family is super into them. One of the best things we have found is called Stevia. This is commonly used as a sugar alternative.
Liquid Stevia, $15-20 range 

However, it is also great for getting rid of any kind of skin abnormality whether it is a skin tag, pimple, skin irritation, etc.

Check out this WebMD article here for more information on use as a sweetener which is especially useful for diabetes or hypoglycemia, to regulate blood sugar levels, etc. This can lower blood pressure, help with obesity related conditions, reduce stomach acid, and gas. And unlike artificial sweeteners, this is all natural coming from the Stevia plant leaf. Use this as a sugar alternative to help aid in weight loss. This is calorie free. The World Health Organization in 2006 found no carcinogenic correlation and this has been used in Japan for generations.

Stevia Sweetener Packets, $5 range
Other uses include

  • Add this to tooth paste and mouthwash because it inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay. You can dilute this in water to use as a mouthwash.
  • Help heal cuts and scratches more rapidly when applying stevia concentrate and helps with scar formation
  • Place leaves or concentrated stems on your eyelids, kind of like you would with a cucumber. This will firm the area and help with wrinkles
  • Add to soaps to eliminate dandruff and other scalp problems
  • Improve the luster of hair and help to retain natural hair color
  • Anti-aging: the concentration of antioxidants is five times higher than green tea
  • Makes your skin softer and smoother
  • Helps with upset stomach
The use I am most excited about is its healing properties for a number of skin problems. You can apply this as a facial mask to soften and tighten the skin and smooth wrinkles. Do this by applying the liquid over your entire face, allow to dry for 30 to 60 minutes then rinse. You can also apply this directly to any blemish, acne outbreak, lip or mouth sore, seborrhea, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, skin tags, etc. The cosmetics industry is aware of this and this may already be in some of your products, but you are likely paying more for the product than just buying the Stevia.

My mother has used this on skin irritations as have I and they will be gone within days. This truly works. We have also been using this as a sweetener alternative for years. It does have an aftertaste you have to get use to though. :)

There are a lot of natural remedies out there I will be bringing to you. Often times they are cheaper and more effective than drug store or prescription alternatives, but obviously you are not informed about them. You can find this at drug stores, health stores, natural stores, vitamin/supplement stores, Amazon,

*Disclaimer* I am not a doctor or in the medical field, so be sure to always consult a doctor and do your own research. This blog is based on my personal experience with Stevia and the experience of family members and additional internet research. This is not meant to constitute a medical opinion or advice nor substitute the recommendations of your licensed physician. 

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.*

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