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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Great Holiday Finds & More Shopping Secrets

I was at Macy's today for their biggest sale/lowest prices of the season event and I got some great deals. Martha Stewart pots and pans were buy one get one free! What a great deal! Pots and pans are so expensive. And although I really need them and will be keeping them for myself, this would be a great gift to give someone which does not cost you a lot.

I also had a coupon for today for $10 off of $25. So I basically got a pot for $24.99, a pan for free ($19.99), an additional present on sale (which I can't disclose) for $11.99 (saved $6 on this item), PLUS added my $10 off. So, my total for these three items was $26 which includes two Martha Stewart pots/pans and an additioanl goodie which will be a present for someone hence the non disclosure.

So here is the secret....

Macy's gives these coupons out a lot. Get on their mailing list and get their store card. Their store card is probably the most valuable one I've had because usually you get 15%-20% off just for using it on certain days and that includes off of sale prices. They also send 20% off coupons and $10 off of $30 coupons. I get their magazine they send out which is where I got the $10 off of $25 which is a fabolous deal (some exclusions apply)

So I obviously try to buy someone that is already on sale and that for which the coupon applies to.

But I always do multiple transactions. Since you can't stack your 20% off and $10 off coupons, I do them in seperate purchases. If I'm buying a lot at Macy's, I may check out twice or three times so that I get the $10 off coupon on each purchase.

I would use the 20% off coupon when it would save me more than the $10 off and when I've run out of the $10 off coupons. Again, Macy's sends me these all the time and they usually send in one mailing one 20% off coupon, one $10 off coupon, and a set for a "friend" (or if youre me, yourself at a different checkout). I mean, who says if you're buying $60 worth of stuff that you can't check out twice, thus saving yourself $20 instead of $10!!!

So today, in 2 seperate transactions, here are the deals I got: (original price/sale price/price actually paid)
Vest (84/33.60/26.88)
Fossil Jewelry (75 each/6.99 each/5.59 each)
Lucky Jewelry (32/6.99/5.59)
Lucky Jewelry (59/6.99/5.59)
Coffee (17.99/11.99/8/99)
Martha Stewart Pot (24.99/buy one get one free/17.99 paid)
Martha Stewart Pan ($19.99/buy one get one free/free)

Original Retail Price: $387.97
Price Actually Paid: $76.22 (after sale prices, $10 off coupons and 20% off coupons)
EQUALS Total Savings: $311.75

Looking through my receipts now, I realize I could've actually done this in 3 transactions and saved another $10, but since I was without my cell phone and thus without a calculator, I didn't realize it until now. I'm still very happy with my finds and prices today though. Most of this is for holiday gifts, so I got great quality brands and items at a fraction of the price!

I always use their in store price scanners and then my calculator on my phone to add up my costs and savings before checking out so I know how to best split it up.

Check out your local Macy's store sales here

More Great Deals:
Also, after being pulled into one of those kiosk booths by some guy showing me some great skin products, I talked him down to basically $49 for 8 items. I've since looked this product/set up online and one set is $50+. So don't forget to wheel and deal when you can. Although he did take nail polish off of one of my thumb nails, and so I have 9 blue ZOYA nails and 1 very smooth shiney nail :)

At Kohl's last week, I bought a clearance necklace that looked like a tiny fake pearl was missing out of the center of a metal circle thing (hard to describe), and just for asking them if they could lower the price, they gave me 20% off of the already clearanced necklace. So I ended up paying about $4. It does look like a small piece is missing and since I'm getting it as a gift, I appreciated the extra % off, although you probably wouldn't notice the missing tiny bead unless you were looking for it.

Kohl's has the best customer service out of any store. I love them! If you forgot your coupon, just ask them and they may still give you the discount. I've had a $10 off before that expired the day before and I went there the day before it expired when I didn't have it with me, told them I had it at home, and the sales clerk wrote down on a piece of paper for me that I could still use the $10 off the next day even though it expired. So, I came back the next day, and no problem, they gave me the $10 off with my expired coupon.

Most stores like to just say "no" or "we can't do that" or "we don't do that" but Kohl's really thinks outside the box and puts the customer first. This is why I go back to them time and time again. At Kohl's, if you ask, they will probably give it to you.

Check out Kohl's deals here

I also went to Maurices where I picked up 2 sweaters and 2 tang tops for around $50 which is a great price for Maurices. I had one 50% off regular priced item and then their clearance items were 50% off of the clearance price. I don't just buy because there is a sale, I buy things I need, want, and like. But I never pay full price for anything. In addition, for each regular price item your purchased, you were given 20% off for a future purchase. She still gave me three even though technically I didn't buy even 1 full priced item. Maurices is also a big coupon giver. Be sure to be on there $10 off punch card (which just switched to an automated plastic card) and their mailing list.

Check out this link to receive a coupon by signing up for the mailing list (this is one that is definitely worth it)

And now for the best investment of my life (even though technically I got it for free) is my coupon wallet!

You don't have to be crazy binder extreme couponer, just get a cute coupon wallet and put it in your purse

My pride and joy :)
I got this from Office Depot and I used my rewards card to purchase it, so I got it for free. You get a % back on every purchase at Office Depot and each quarter they send me a gift card. They will send out mailings with coupons and will also list certain items that are 5%+ rewards back at a certain time. I be sure to buy what I need from those brands during those times. The last one they had was Sharpee, Post Its and Scotch. I get at least $100 in gift cards from Office Depot a year, although I shop there a lot as well!
Most of these are christmas and holiday gifts, so I have to be kind of vague on some of the details.

Office Depot, like Target will also sometimes have gift cards if you purchase certain items like ink, which most of us always are in continual need of. Target does this as well, usually if you buy 2 or 3 of certain items, you will get a $5 gift card. Again, only buy what you need, want, and like! And I think we are all aware of the Kohl's Cash and JC Penny's automatic $10 off with certain $ amount spent. Just be sure to check your local stores and ads for when these deals are running.

Recently, I've found my best deals at Macy's, Kohls, and TJ Maxx. You can't shop TJ Maxx that I know of online, so I stop by frequently to check out new deals n steals.

Happy Shopping

:) Jessica

Justina's 2 cents:

Macy's is pretty hit or miss with me for clothes.  I was there today and had a really hard time finding anything that I liked that was on that good of a sale.  I also got pretty crappy customer service, by a lady who wouldn't give me the $10 off of $30 purchase because I forgot my coupon.  Since they are mass distributed, I feel that even if you don't have the coupon in person, they could easily still honor it.  These coupons in particular are not for certain customers that spend x amount of money in the store- literally everyone who has access to a computer can print them off.  I ended up leaving all the clothes I was going to get at the counter and walking off.  

One important thing to remember about shopping this time of year, is that your customer service experience might vary based on the time of day you go to shop.  I believe Jessica went much earlier in the day than I did and probably during a time where there were lots of managers and lots of staff there.  I went around suppertime when a lot of employees were probably on break and there were not that many people floating around the sales floor.

I ended up going back later and getting some pretty sweet deals.  Because I had a fierce sinus headache today, once again I forgot to print off the stinking coupon when I went to the store.  I got a fleece IZOD zip up sweatshirt for my dad, and one for my husband.  Each was priced at $80 originally and marked down to $28.  I am a little annoyed that I was not able to get my price down another $10 on this, but I am still happy with my deal.  Those are expensive, but I know that I still got a great deal.

Keep looking in the mail for these special deals!  I have a couple 20% off coupons I got in the mail from Macy's this week and I plan on using those up too!  They start tomorrow!

I love Lucky jewelry and that was on sale for $6.99 today too, like Jessica said.  I actually didn't see anything special that wasn't there last time I looked.  There were a few cute things, but I've already splurged on myself a lot this year.  They had some cute long necklaces, but I've got so much jewelry already I couldn't make a choice.  This time of year, if you are not sure on something, you might as well just pass it up, because there are a plethora of deals, and if you're not in love with it, you can save your money and put it towards something else that catches your eye later.

I bought a couple of makeup items I'm totally looking forward to reviewing this weekend and making some really cool looks with.  I'm keeping it a secret, but I plan on having a ton of fun with these amazing products.  I've also been using my new Boots skin care for about a week and a half so I finally feel comfortable reviewing the products for you on the blog.  

I can't wait for all that we have to offer you this weekend!  Happy reading!

Love to all our fans, and don't forget to post on our November shopping secrets blog so you can be entered to win our prize!

Yours in Beauty, 

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