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Sunday, November 20, 2011


I'm crying over Demi and Ashton too, but seriously, with all the press they've been getting lately, I can't help but die over her seriously effing cute glasses.  Nobody looks better in glasses than she does, and she has so many pairs.  Where can I get my hands on some of these?

I also want to remind ya'll that if you get bored with your current frames, don't let them sit around!  I used to keep my old frames because they were pricey and I felt guilty tossing them.  But little did I know Jessica was super envious of some of the ones I hadn't worn in years that were super cute, and collecting dust.  The only reason I wasn't wearing them anymore was because the frames themselves were giving me a bit of a headache...they never did fit me right.  She was able to take them in, get my lenses popped out, and replace them with a pair of hers for $40.  They are one of her favorite pairs and they look stellar on her!  And I have a couple more inches of space in my bedroom cupboard!

Jessica's addition:
Here are some of my fave glasses pictures:

These are the ones Justina gave me and it cost me $40 to put my lenses in! Score! :) Thanks Justina

Yours in Beauty,
Justina and Jessica



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