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Friday, November 18, 2011

FALL for me

I love Fall! The fashions, the weather, and the colors. So, as I was inspired by the perfect fall day today, here is a perfect fall look for you!

The look:
  • Browns, Golds, Purples, Raspberry eye shadows
  • Light pink almost nude lip
  • Darkly lined eyes, dramatic outer V 
  • Hair pulled tightly back 
  • Bronze or brushed gold jewelry

The eyes have it:

The accessories:
I wore a bright green top which is a color I love for fall. I usually pair this with a scarf. I also wore my Lucky Brand brushed gold hoop earrings that tie this fall look together. I got these at Macy's.

The Products & Instructions:
  • Using a C Eye shadow brush (Elf), I lightly picked up some color from elf single eye shadow in raspberry and dabbed this all over the lid, starting at the lash line. 
  • Using a C  Eye shadow brush, I picked up some color from elf single eye shadow in amethyst
  • using the C brush, I applied the brush tip on the outward corner of the eye by pressing the color in a C shape from the lash line up
  • Then I flipped the C on the right eye to create an outward curve and blended inward for definition 
  • I then took my fluffy medium sized crease brush, picked up some more of the amethyst color and applied this to the crease area 
  • Using an eyeliner brush, I applied the rasberry color to my bottom lash line
  • I applied elf cream eyeliner in metallic olive to the upper lash line with a slanted eyeliner brush
Left is amethyst, right is raspberry (elf single shadows)
Top purple shadow is amethyst, second shadowis raspberry, 3rd line  is elf metallic cream eyeliner. Second pink blush is the raspberry truffle.
  • I applied a matte cream colored eye shadow up to the brow bone as a highlighter. This was from my Wet n Wild Palette called 249 Vanity. I got this on clearance at Kmart today for $2.99 and am loving it so far!
  • With an eyeliner brush, I applied the gold highly pigmented effect shade into the inner V of my eye. I brought this down to the lower lash line.
  • With a blush brush, I applied elf blush in raspberry truffle. LOVE this color! This is a pretty raspberry shade with some sparkle to it and is a great fall color for any skin tone. (see above picture)
  • I lined my lower water line with my favorite black liner
  • Applied some bareMinerals well-rested powder around my eyes to diminish any dark circles. I use a mini kabuki brush and lightly brush this under my eye and around the eye area.
  • Used Dior Show mascara for long, voluminous, non clumpy lashes
  • I used an eyebrow brush to brush my eyebrows upward. I love when full eyebrows come back in "style", it gives you a lot of room to play and makes this look a little more edgy. I just brushed upward the inner thicker parts of my eyebrows. Your eyebrows completely shape the look of your face and changing them can completely change your look. 
  • I also used the dark matte brown eye shadow in the Wet n Wild palette to fill in my eye brows. I love using dark brown eye shadows on my brows and don't think buying an additional eyebrow kit is necessary when shadow does the same thing!
  • For lips, I used Maybelline color sensations in Born With It. I love, love, love this lipstick!
  • Also for my hair (couldn't get a good picture of it), I pulled it into a high pony tail, took section by section and pinned the end of a section below the hair tie for kind of a high pony tail/bun type look.
I used the top shadow on the left as a highlighter and the bottom brown shadow on the left to fill in my eyebrows. On the right, I used the middle gold color on the inner V of my eyes and my lower lash line.

Mini Brush 101:

Left to Right: Slanted eyeliner brush, Eyeshadow C brush, medium contour/crease brush, eyeliner smudge brush

Slanted eyeliner brush/angled brush (elf)
     For lining, shading or shaping the eye or eyebrow. Flat shaped with angled tip. Firmly distributes colour over the lid and into the corners.

Eyeshadow C Brush (elf, $3)
     Medium sized brush creates the perfect smokey eye, great for color blending 

Contour Brush (elf, $3)
    This brush picks up a lot of color and deposits it onto the lid for extra definition, adds depth close to the lash line and in the corner of the eye, use to sweep colors along the lash line for concentrated color. (I use this mainly as a crease brush and to blend)(

Eyeliner smudge brush (Eco tools) 
    Creates a smudged line for the perfect smokey eye. (I use this to line my lower lash line and to make a more dramatic outer V)

Eco Tools and Elf Studio Line ($3, not $1 line) are very good cheap alternatives to MAC Brushes and Sigma Brushes which are some of the best high end makeup brushes. 



Happy Fall
:) Yours in Beauty,

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