InTruBeauty: Dramatic Eye Look for Under $4

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dramatic Eye Look for Under $4


  • Dramatic smokey eye using Wet N Wild trio palette
  • Slicked back hair
  • Messy pony tail 
  • Statement piece earrings
  • Light plum lip 
  • Black solid dress/top 

Wet N Wild Trio Eyeshadow Palette in I'm Getting Sunburned, $2.99 



  • Pat the pink "browbone" color onto your lid with a larger eyeshadow brush
  • Using a crease brush, pick up the "crease" color and pat it into your outer crease. 
    • Tip: This color shows up very dark, almost black on the lid and it easily comes out of the palette so be sure not to pick up too much. If you do, you can always blend this in later or minimize the dramatic effect if its too dark for you by blending in the gold and pink color
  • Using a crease brush, blend the gold "eyelid" color into the crease, blending all the colors together
  • Using an eye liner brush, use the "crease" color to line your lower lash line
    • Tip: This color is so bold that you won't need to use eye liner
  • Re-apply some of the pink on the lid/inner lid area, mix/blend it with any shadows areas that may look too dark. Apply this again in the very inner corner of your eye and bring down like a C (or backwards C depending on the eye) just to brighten up that inner V area of your eye 
  • Now you can use this pink color as the browbone color, applying it lightly underneath your eyebrow 
  • Apply your favorite mascara and plum lip gloss 
Additional color tip if you want to kick up the drama another notch:

I actually added one additional color in the outer corner of my eye. I used Sally Girl Baked eyeshadow) in dark green. Using a smaller crease brush, I ran the brush under water, patted the wet brush into the shadow, applied it into the outer corner of my eye and brought this color down just a little bit to the lower lash line in the outer corner of my eye. This was 99 cents at Sally's Beauty or .94 cents if you have a Sally's card. 
You will get better color payoff with using these baked shadows wet 
So mix it up a little, just because a palette says a color is for a certain part of your eye, doesn't mean you can't experiment. The colors in this palette are great, very creamy, highly pigmented, and easy to blend. This is a great Wet N Wild palette. 

So, there you go, you don't have to pay a lot to create a dramatic eye look. This eye look cost $3.93 total (plus mascara and lip gloss which I know we all already have) :)

Yours in Beauty, 



  1. Sweet thanks Jessica! I was just reviewing your swatches last night, and was admiring this palette, so funny that you'd choose to use it in a look the same night!

  2. Awesome look :) I'm a new follow of yours , I would ur link on BB :) I
    Love the color u used I hope u can follow back



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